Lashawn Thompson Autopsy Photos: Georgia Man Eaten Alive By Bugs In Jail

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There is reportedly a growing interest from the public in obtaining Lashawn Thompson’s autopsy photos, with many people searching for them online.

Lashawn Thompson’s case gained widespread attention due to the horrific circumstances surrounding his death. 

The family of LaShawn Thompson, a Georgia inmate who died in his cell last fall, is demanding a criminal investigation into his death. 

The family alleges that he was infested with bugs and “eaten alive” in his cell, which was reportedly filthy. Thompson, who was 35 years old, was found unresponsive in the psychiatric wing of Fulton County Jail on September 13. 

Michael D. Harper, an attorney representing the family, said in a statement shared with The Post that Thompson had been in custody since his arrest on a misdemeanor charge of simple battery in June.

Lashawn Thompson Autopsy Photos

It is important to note that no official autopsy photos have been released to the public in the case of Lashawn Thompson.

According to a report by the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office, there was a significant presence of bed bugs. (Source:

However, reports of his injuries have surfaced and are said to be extensive. Thompson’s body was covered in bites from head to toe, indicating that he was severely affected by the bed bug infestation in his cell. 

These details paint a grim picture of the conditions that he was forced to endure. His tragic case has brought attention to the inhumane treatment of people with mental illness in the criminal justice system and the urgent need for reform.

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The photos also reveal the extent of the infestation in his jail cell. The walls and bedding are covered in bed bugs, with evidence of feces and bloodstains. The photos paint a grim picture of the conditions that Thompson was forced to endure.

Lashawn Thompson Eaten Alive By Bugs In Jail

According to reports, Thompson was held in a filthy cell in the psychiatric wing of Fulton County Jail for three months before being discovered dead on September 13.

LaShawn Thompson 2It is alleged that Mr. Thompson was discovered deceased in an unsanitary cell located in Fulton County Jail. (Source:

 His family’s attorney alleges that Thompson was “eaten alive” by bed bugs in his cell. His body was reportedly covered in bites from head to toe, indicating that he was severely affected by the bed bug infestation. 

The conditions in which Thompson was held were described as inhumane and not fit for any living being.

The attorney alleges that the staff “literally watched his health decline until he died,” which raises serious questions about the level of care and attention provided to inmates at the jail.

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Furthermore, when Thompson was found unresponsive, a detention officer reportedly refused to administer CPR because she “freaked out.” 

Calls For Accountability And Change

LaShawn Thompson’s family reportedly sued in response to his death in Fulton County Jail. 

They want someone to be held responsible and call for the jail to be closed and replaced. The sheriff’s office has stated that this case is one of many that highlights the urgent need for better mental health services. 

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Sheriff Labat is advocating for constructing a new jail and criminal justice complex that would offer a safe, clean environment with mental health and rehabilitation services. 

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The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office has announced that an internal investigation and an assessment by the Georgia Bureau of Investigations will determine whether criminal charges will be filed in the case.

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