John F. Kennedy Autopsy: Why Did Cia Kill JFK? Shot To Death

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Please get to know John F. Kennedy’s autopsy reports after his death in 1963. Still, the question about his death has been going on in public.

After the new group of records was released related to President Kennedy, many questions were going on in public.

The National Archives posted more than 13,000 documents about the new release, and over 90 percent of copies are still available, per the report.

U.S. President Joe Biden said that all information in records concerning the assassination should be disclosed. Only where the most substantial reason could be found should be in public.

Kennedy was shot and killed at 43; many books and television shows have shown his story after his death. 

Still, three decades after his death, the assassination has not been publicly closed since the president has ordered to disclose all the papers till June 2023. 

John F. Kennedy Autopsy: Shot To Death 

After Kennedy was shot while riding in his motorcade through Dallas in 1963, much news breaks in.

The investigation was going on, and many autopsies went on; the first autopsy was held at Bethesda Naval Hospital.

The autopsy was on the same day, November 22, 1963, at 8 pm, and after a day, the reason behind his death was published.

George Gregory Burkley signed a death certificate on November 23 because of a gunshot wound to the skull; he described the damage in the head as having directly affected his brain part.

Exhibit 1, from Kennedy’s autopsy report, is the bloodstained document Dr. James Joseph Humes did not destroy. (Image Source: NPR)

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Burkley also noted that a second wound occurred in the posterior back at about the level of the third thoracic vertebra.

Again on December 6, the new death certificate was signed with a different reason for his death; Theron Ward signed in Dallas Country with a note the reason for his death was two gunshot wounds near the center of the body 1 inch to the right center of the back of the head.

Two certificates about his death are still in public, with two different statements.

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Why Did CIA Kill JFK (John F. Kennedy)?

Does the CIA kill Kennedy? People are curious to know, but there are still not confirmed if the CIA was involved.

Larry Sabato, the author of The Kennedy Half Century, said that there might be something still not out in public; he mentioned that the CIA was somehow involved in the case.

Lee Harvey Oswald was the one who killed JFK had been proved, and he is taking out his punishment, but still, he thinks that a single person cannot do it and the CIA was involved in it.

Lee Harvey Oswald is led down a corridor of the Dallas police station for questioning in connection with Kennedy's assassination on Nov. 23, 1963.Lee Harvey Oswald is led down a corridor of the Dallas Police station for questioning in connection with Kennedy’s assassination on Nov. 23, 1963. (Source: CNN)

Sabato mentioned that the investigation job needed to be done correctly. Still, we will not know what happened that day in 1963.

Also, we don’t know if the statements and papers are directly related to Lee Harvey Oswald yet.

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Much more information is yet to be found about the reason and others, including others involved in the case.

The act records should be disclosed in public by now. Still, in 2017, President Donald Trump and now, in 2022, Biden allowed postponements on the advice of the FBI and the CIA.

So, there might be a slight chance that the CIA or FBI may have been involved in that case back in 1963.

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