Italy Shooting: Who Is Claudio Campi? 5A 57-Year-Old Man Arrested For The Murders Of Three Women.

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 Claudio Campi has managed to terrorize many people as many people from around the world are beginning to talk about the case that incriminated Claudio. 

After news of a gruesome murder in Italy, people rushed to figure out who the suspect was. When the information about Claudio Campi was the lead suspect, people became curious about his story. 

During a gathering of apartment building tenants on Sunday, a man opened Fire in a pub in northern Rome, killing three ladies and injuring four others, according to Italian officials.

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni disclosed that one of the gunshot victims was a friend of hers in a Facebook post.

It was eventually discovered that one of the victims of the shooting was a close friend of Giorgia Meloni, the far-right politician in Italy.

Meloni said on her Instagram account, under a photo of the victim, Nicoletta Golisano, “For me, she will always be lovely and happy like this.”

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Italy Shooting: Who Is Claudio Campi?

As more individuals from around the world start talking about the case that implicated Claudio Campi, he has succeeded in terrorizing many people.

After hearing about a horrific murder in Italy, everyone scrambled to identify the suspect. People were interested in Claudio Campi’s narrative once it was revealed that he was the prime suspect.

Claudio Campi, a 57-year-old suspect, is accused of shooting the woman because of a housing dispute. According to the Italian news agency Rai News, he had a history of disagreements with the residents’ association.

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Claudio Campi was arrested for three murder. (Source: OSCE)

In a blog post from November, he accused the building’s managers of ejecting him from his accommodations.

After being defeated by the other inhabitants, Campi was taken into custody by the Police.

He entered the space, shut the door, yelled, “I’ll murder you all,” and began firing, a witness told the Italian news agency Ansa.

The incident was referred to by Rome’s mayor, Roberto Gualtieri, as “the dreadful episode of violence that has rocked our city,” and he ordered an urgent security meeting.

Meloni described Golisano as “a protective mother, a true and discrete friend, who was also a powerful and delicate lady” in a Facebook post.

50-year-old Golisano, a mother of a 10-year-old child, was present at the meeting in her capacity as treasurer.

Meloni confirmed the arrest of the culprit and promised that “justice will swiftly follow its course.”

 Claudio Campi Arrested For The Murders Of Three Women.

Police in Rome reported that a man shot three ladies dead and four other persons in what appears to have been a disagreement about housing.

Later on Sunday, Giorgia Meloni, the far-right prime minister of Italy, disclosed in a Facebook post that one of the fatalities was a friend.

Claudio Campi, 57, the suspected shooter, is accused of using a Glock handgun taken from a shooting stand to open Fire on a gathering of the tenants of his apartment building in a northern Rome neighborhood.

He described his contentious relationship with the building’s managers in a blog post from November, accusing them of attempting to evict him from his accommodations.

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One of the three ladies who died from their injuries was the 50-year-old mother of a 10-year-old kid Nicoletta Golisano, who was present at the meeting as treasurer.

Giorgia Meloni disclosed on Facebook that they were friends, and she paid tribute to “a protective mother, a true and discreet friend, who was nevertheless a powerful and frail lady.”

She stated that the murderer had been apprehended and hoped that “justice will swiftly follow its course.”

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