Is UCLA Bruins Star Tyger Campbell Hair Real? Long Hairstyle – How Did He Grow His Hair

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Tyger Campbell hair is real as he has not cut his hair reportedly since he was 11 years old. Find more about the UCLA Bruins star’s hair below.

Tyger Campbell, an American college basketball player, is playing for the UCLA Bruins of the Pac-12 Conference. He plays as a point guard wearing jersey number 10 in his team.

Also, he is a three times first-team all-conference honors winner in the Pac-12. The 5 feet 11 inches tall basketball player played at La Lumiere School.

Following his sophomore season, Campbell and his team won the High School National Championship after defeating Montverde Academy. 

Apart from his performances, Campbell often gets into the limelight due to his appearances, mainly his long hair.

Is UCLA Bruins Star Tyger Campbell Hair Real?

Yes, UCLA Bruins star Tyger Campbell’s hair is real. But due to its fantastic look, fans thought it might be fake. However, it can be said that Campbell has amazing long hair.

Along with his performances in many games, Campbell also gets into the spotlight due to his hair. In March 2021, his hair got attention at the NCAA Tournament.

Tyger Campbell had not cut his hair since the age of 11 when he was in the fifth grade. ( Source: Instagram )

Many social media users have taken to social media to share their thoughts regarding Campbell’s hair. Fans praised his skills in the NCAA Tournament and also his spectacular hair.

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Tyger Campbell Long Hairstyle – How Did He Grow His Hair?

Tyger Campbell is one of the basketball players who often get into people’s eyes due to his appearance, mainly his long hairstyle. Apart from fans, there are also some who criticize it.

Once, a Reddit thread was created where fans could share their opinion regarding Campbell’s long hair. Some left good comments, while some said they didn’t like the dreadlock.

Tyger Campbell Long HairstyleTyger Campbell Long’s Hairstyle was photographed in one of his basketball games. ( Source: Instagram )

It is reported that Campbell has been growing his hair since he was 11 or since the fight grade and has not cut once since then. Some sources also say that Campbell used to pitch a fit over haircuts. 

His mother, Jennifer, said Tyger did not want to explain anything about his hair. Furthermore, fans are asking questions about his hairstyle. It’s a thick afro that also runs down the side of his head. 

In every basketball game, Campbell’s amazing hairstyle makes headlines on the internet. 

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Tyger Campbell Hairstyle Compared to Bob Marley

As mentioned above, Tyger Campbell has a thick afro running down the side of his head. Due to that, he has also been compared with the legendary singer Bob Marley.

Social media users have compared the images between Tyger and Marley, which seems like they are pretty similar. A Twitter user posted the image: “Is it me, or does Tyger Campbell resembles Bob Marley even without the dreads?”

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Campbell and MarleyTyger Campbell’s hair has been compared to Bob Marley’s as they appear the same. ( Source: Twitter )

Bob Marley’s dreads are famous, and there are various ways to make hair like his. Some dreads Marley inspired are Medium Dread Hair looks, Mohawk Dreads, Fun Dark Blue Dreads on Short Hair, Long & Wavy Afro Dreadlocks, and many more.

So, basketball fans have also speculated that Campbell may have been inspired by the late musician Bob Marley. 

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