Is Tim Ballard Related To Elder Ballard? Wikipedia And Age

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Many people are curious whether Tim Ballard is related to Elder Ballard due to their shared surname and notable accomplishments in their respective fields.

The confusion surrounding the relationship between Tim Ballard and Elder Ballard has been a topic of discussion for many individuals. 

Due to their shared surname, people often speculate whether these two individuals are related. To clarify this misconception, it is important to delve into the details of their backgrounds and professions. 

This article aims to shed light on the truth behind their alleged relationship and provide a comprehensive understanding of both Tim Ballard and Elder Ballard.

Is Tim Ballard Related To Elder Ballard? 

Tim Ballard and Elder Ballard may share the same surname, but they are unrelated. They come from different backgrounds and have distinct professional pursuits.

Tim Ballard is a dedicated and passionate individual who has made a significant impact through his work in combating child trafficking and exploitation. (Source:

Elder Ballard, whose full name is Melvin Russell Ballard Jr., is a prominent religious leader within the Latter-day Saints (L.D.S.) church. He has been associated with the church since 1985 and holds an important position within its hierarchy. 

Elder Ballard is known for his wisdom, guidance, and leadership within the religious community. Besides his religious role, he has also been involved in business endeavors.

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On the other hand, Tim Ballard, whose full name is Timothy Ballard, is the founder of Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.), a non-profit organization dedicated to combating child trafficking and rescuing children from exploitation. Before his work with O.U.R., Tim Ballard served in the U.S.

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Tim Ballard Wikipedia Details Explored

Tim Ballard, whose full name is Timothy Ballard, is an individual who has made significant contributions through his work in a non-profit organization called Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.). 

Elder BallardThroughout his extensive career, Elder Ballard has held significant positions within the L.D.S. church, contributing to its growth and development. (Source:

Before his involvement with O.U.R., Tim Ballard served as a member of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, where he worked towards rescuing children from various forms of exploitation. 

However, due to limitations within the department that hindered his ability to make a substantial impact, he decided to resign and establish O.U.R. in 2013.

Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) is dedicated to combating child trafficking and rescuing children from exploitation. Recognizing the alarming statistics surrounding child trafficking and the increasing number of crimes committed against children, Tim Ballard founded O.U.R. to address this pressing issue. 

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The organization has worked diligently to protect vulnerable children and has made significant strides in its mission.

Tim Ballard And Elder Ballard Age Gap Revealed

The age gap between Tim Ballard and Elder Ballard is quite substantial. 

Tim Ballard, born in the 1970s, is estimated to be in his forties or fifties as of 2023. 

Meanwhile, Elder Ballard, whose full name is M. Russell Ballard, is 94. This age difference spans several decades, highlighting the generational gap between the two individuals.

While the age gap between Tim Ballard and Elder Ballard is significant, it does not diminish the impact or importance of their respective contributions. Both individuals have dedicated themselves to causes they are passionate about, albeit in different fields. 

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Elder Ballard’s experience and knowledge are rooted in decades of service and leadership, while Tim Ballard brings a fresh perspective and energy to his work combating child trafficking.

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