Is Stephanie Melgoza Pregnant Before Arrested? Hospital Video Gone Viral

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People are curious to learn Stephanie Melgoza pregnant details before getting arrested for killing two people. 

Stephanie Melgoza, a 24-year-old from Farmington, was given a 14-year prison sentence on Thursday for causing the deaths of Andrea Rosewicz and Paul Prowant.

Rosewicz was from Avon, Ohio, and Prowant was from Seattle. Melgoza had previously admitted guilt to four severe charges of aggravated DUI and reckless driving in February.

As part of a plea bargain, four lesser charges were dropped earlier this year.

At the time of the incident, Melgoza was a student at Bradley University and was found to be driving under the influence, with a blood alcohol level three times over the legal limit.

She failed all field sobriety tests and admitted to having three vodka, water drinks, and cannabis in her purse.

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Is Stephanie Melgoza Pregnant Before Arrested? Hospital Video Gone Viral

There is no information shared regarding pregnancy news about, Stephanie. However, some unauthorized videos and pictures of her in the hospital have been circulating online and have become widely popular.

The footage shows her behaving inappropriately and disrespectfully towards a police officer who was present.

Melgoza was taken to the hospital to receive treatment for her injuries. While there, she reportedly began singing to the officer because she found it too quiet.

Melogoza also expressed her desire to return to Bradley University, but when the officer reminded her that she had killed two people, she asked when she could return to school.

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Melgoza sang to the officer in the hospital and asked when she could return to university. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

The officer harshly explained that she would not return to school soon, given the severity of the charges against her.

Melgoza faced backlash from fellow students following her DUI crash and was barred from walking at her graduation ceremony. She did, however, receive her diploma.

Recently, she pleaded guilty to four felonies, including two counts of aggravated DUI death, and was sentenced to 14 years in prison. During her sentencing hearing, she expressed regret for her actions with tears in her eyes.

Stephanie Melgoza Family Receive HateFul Comments 

Patrick O’Brian, the father of Stephanie, stated that his family had received a flood of hateful comments online over body camera footage released earlier this week of his daughter laughing after she hit Andrea Rosewicz, 43, and Paul Prowant, 55. 

Stephanie Melgoza’s father, Patrick O’Brian, has appealed to online trolls to stop harassing his family after his daughter’s body camera footage went viral.

In the footage, Stephanie is seen laughing after fatally striking two people outside a bar in East Peoria while drunk.

O’Brian wrote on Facebook that his family grieves with the victims’ families and is sorry for what their daughter did.

Stephanie Melgoza's father, Patrick O'Brian, expressed that his family is not responsible for his daughter's crime Stephanie Melgoza’s father, Patrick O’Brian, expressed that his family is not responsible for his daughter’s crime. (Image Source: New York Post)

Patrick O’Brian has expressed deep remorse for what his daughter did and stated that his family is already paying for the crime committed by his daughter, who was sentenced to 14 years in prison.

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He has called out the “cowards” behind the harassment and pleaded for them to stop defaming his family’s character.

He acknowledged that his daughter did a horrible thing and would pay for it for the next 14 years, but the rest of his family did nothing.

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