Is Star Harvey Related To Steve Harvey? Family Tree And Net Worth

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Is Star Harvey related to Steve Harvey? People often get curious to learn the relationship between two known personalities with the same surname. 

Steve Harvey is a television host, Actor, comedian, and producer; people know him from his show, The Steve Harvey Morning Show. 

The comedian also hosts other shows, including Family Feud and Celebrity Family Feud. Steve is a seven-time Daytime Emmy award winner. 

Star Harvey is an American meteorologist currently connected with the television station WPIX. She has a bachelor’s of Journalist and a degree in geoscience. 

Along with their professional life, people are curious to learn about the relationship between two well-known people who share the same family name. 

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Is Star Harvey Related To Steve Harvey? 

There is not a slight chance that Star is related to comedian Steven. People get confused because of their last name, but they don’t have any blood relationship. 

Star has not disclosed any information about her parents, but she has shared some clips and pictures of her parents on her social media account. 

Also, Steven has seven children, four biological and three adopted, and he was married three times. But Star is not one of them his seven children. 

So they do not share any father-daughter relationship; people often ask questions about their relationship as Father and daughter. 

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They might know each other, as both are well-known personalities, but they do not share any relation by blood. 

Additionally, it must be clear that people who share the same family name do not mean they are related by blood. 

Star Harvey Family Tree

Harvey shares a picture with her parents on her social media account, but her parents have been living separately, and she shares a stepfather. 

The information is shared following her posts on Instagram; she has not publicly shared any related information about her parents. 

Harvey is a very private person, and she is often focused on her career. Star’s parents are very supportive of her career and have supported her career choice since high school. 

Star Harvey with her son, Bryce Lockett. (Image Source: Pimiso)

Star is the mother of a 10-year-old son, Bryce Lockett, who is interested in soccer. She had her baby boy with her boyfriend, and she used to share pictures with him on Instagram, but it seemed like they were not together anymore.

Steve Harvey Family Tree

Harvey is happily married to Marjorie Harvey; the couple has been married since 2007 and shares three children, Morgan, Jason, and Lori.

Before marrying Marjorie, he was married to two others and shared children with them. Marcia Harvey was his first wife, with whom he shared two daughters and a son, Brandi, Karli, and Broderick Harvey Jr.

Then, he married Mary Shackelford for the second time, and they divorced in 2005. Mary and Steve shared one son, Wynton.

Steve Harvey with his wife, seven children and their partner.Steve Harvey with his wife, seven children, and their partner. (Image Source: PEOPLE)

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Harvey has five grandchildren in total now; Jason shares three children, Morgan shares one kid, and Karli shares one kid. 

Star And Steven Harvey Net Worth Difference 

Star and Steven work in different fields, so they share a vast difference in their net worth. As per the Source, the net worth of meteorologists is around $70,000 to $80,000.

Whereas the net worth of the comedian and show host is $200 million, according to the Source, his monthly salary is $45 million. 

There is no comparison between their salary and net worth; Steven is the award winner and has connected with more than two shows. 

Additionally, Star might have another source of income, like business and investments, which she has yet to share with the public. 

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