Is Rosemary Clooney Related To George Clooney? Relationship And Family

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Is Rosemary Clooney related to George Clooney? Yes. They are related. The late actress or singer was the aunt of George.

Both George and Rosemary Clooney are the members of the prominent Clooney family.

The two artists have accomplished exceptional success in their respective careers through their unique perspectives and talents

Rosemary Clooney was a prominent singer and actress who rose to stardom in the 1950s.

During her nearly six decades-long career, the “Hey There” hitmaker accomplished exceptional success in the showbiz industry.

Similarly, George Clooney is an accomplished actor and filmmaker.

In addition, the Golden Globe Award winner gained wider recognition after he starred in the NBC medical drama ER as Dr. Doug Ross.

Let’s dive into the content to learn more about Rosemary and George Clooney’s relationship and explore their family tree.

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Fact Check: Is Rosemary Clooney Related To George Clooney?

Yes, they are family. Rosemary Clooney was George Clooney’s aunt.

Also, the late singer was the elder sister of George’s father, Nick Clooney.

George Clooney and Rosemary Clooney are family. (Image Source: Facebook)

The ER star shared a close-knit bond with his late aunt. According to reports, Rosemary significantly impacted George’s decision to pursue acting.

Moreover, George often reflects on how his upbringing prepared him for a life under the spotlight.

He attributes much of his understanding of fame and the industry to his aunt, Rosemary Clooney.

An acclaimed singer and actress in her own right, Rosemary was an inspiration for young George.

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Rosemary Clooney Was An Inspiration To George Clooney

Growing up, George was constantly surrounded by fame, or whatever one might call it.

His father, a respected media personality, and his aunt Rosemary, were his earliest introductions to the world of show business.

When asked about his career aspirations as a child, George recalls wanting to be famous, viewing it as a job in itself.

Moreover, this was largely because fame was all he had seen his father and aunt achieve.

Is Rosemary Clooney Related To George ClooneyGeorge Clooney often shares that his late aunt Rosemary Clooney had a profound impact on his career. (Image Source: The Times)

Rosemary’s influence on George extended beyond just familiarizing him with fame. She played a pivotal role in steering him towards acting.

Her successful career inspired George and gave him a firsthand glimpse into the industry.

This exposure and Rosemary’s guidance helped shape George’s career and understanding of the craft.

Rosemary And George Clooney Relationship

In a candid 2006 interview with Larry King, George disclosed the profound impact Rosemary had on his life and career.

The actor shared that she taught him a lot about what can happen to him and the mistakes he can make as well.

For those unversed, Rosemary, a celebrated singer and actress, grappled with depression and drug addiction, issues that are unfortunately common among successful entertainers.

Her experiences served as a cautionary tale for George, teaching him valuable lessons about the pitfalls of fame.

She guided him on handling the intrusive tabloids, protecting his privacy, and maintaining confidence in his abilities as an actor.

Furthermore, Rosemary’s life was not without its share of health challenges. Being a smoker for an extended period, she received a diagnosis of lung cancer in late 2001.

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Despite her illness, she continued to perform, giving her final concerts before her passing in 2002.

Her resilience and dedication to her craft left a lasting impression on her fans, who continue to honor her memory through appreciation posts and heartfelt tributes.

Nevertheless, the legacy of Rosemary Clooney lives on, not just in her body of work, but also in the lessons she imparted to her nephew, George.

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