Is Nicolas Cantu Jewish? Ethnicity Of Cartoon Network Gumball

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Upon reading the tweets of Nicolas Cantu, netizens have been asking questions about his ethnicity; some think that Nicolas Cantu is Jewish. Let us look into some facts.

Best known for lending his voice to Gumball in the British sitcom The Amazing World of Gumball, Nicolas Cantu, or Junky Janker, is an American actor and YouTuber.

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Recently, he was a part of a rather bizarre fight involving another famous YouTuber.

The incident started as a Twitter response by Cantu to a parody account of ‘Dream’ the YouTuber.

‘Dream’ first proceeded by telling Nicolas that the account was a parody, and then he made serious allegations relating to an incident that occurred between them at an event.

Cantu continues to make statements through memes and responses on Twitter.

Finally, he dropped a three-minute video on YouTube titled ‘Surf Compilation for Winners,’ a compilation of random surfing videos.

Amid such controversies, some of the followers seek the answer to another peculiar question: Is Nicolas Cantu Jewish?

Gumball’ Nicolas Cantu’ Humble Beginnings

Nicolas Cantu was born on September 8, 2003, and is currently 20 years old. He has shifted to numerous cities throughout his life.

Born in Austin, Texas, he and his family moved to San Antonio, Texas, during his toddler days.

In San Antonio, he studied at Stone Oak Elementary School.

Nicolas and his siblings clicking picture in front of a fountain.Did you know that Nicolas has Two brothers? (Source: Instagram)

However, very early in his life, his parents realized his talent for voice acting and acting.

So, when Nicolas was just ten, he shifted to Los Angeles with his family of four.

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This proved to be a great decision, as he secured a guest role as Diego in the episode of Dora and Friends: Into the City! 

Nicolas was just 12 years old back then, and this role allowed him to work as a full-time voice artist.

Slowly, he started landing voiceovers for main characters like Rowan Freemaker, Prince James, and, most notably, Gumball Waterson in 2017, replacing Jacob Hopkins.

Since then, Nicolas has come very far and has opened up a lot to his fans through his social media handles on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

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Is Nicolas Cantu Jewish?Ethnicity In Question

It’s ironic enough, even though Nicolas seems to have a candid personality online.

In reality, he has kept his personal life and family out of his online debates.

Information about his personal life is simply unknown or hidden. Nowadays, he does not upload pictures with his family and brothers.

Nicolas Cantu not Jewish is posing for a picture on a beach.Did you know that Nicolas identifies as Pansexual? (Source: Instagram)

Most of the time, he works to improve his YouTube channel and online persona.

When it comes to his ethnicity, there is not a single piece of evidence that points towards Nicolas Cantu being Jewish.

Upon researching his surname Cantu’s origin, we can certainly claim that most of his descendants come from either Mexico, Spain, or Italy.

In the United States, Cantu means ‘to sing,’ and no Jewish person has even been recorded as having Cantu as their surname.

According to, “Cantu comes from Italy and is a variation of the surname Cantuti, which originated in the province of Como.”

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Nicolas wearing a red t-shirt with a cigarette in his mouth. He portrayed the character of Elton Ortiz in the TV series “Walking Dead.” (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, “In the 18th century, this family emigrated to Spain and the American continent, settling down in Texas.”

As we know, Texas is Nicolas’s birthplace, which clears out any confusion about his ethnicity, so we can say that Nicolas Cantu is not Jewish.

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