Is Natalia Grace Married? Rumors After The Curious Case Documentary

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The release of her docuseries inches closer and brings light to the shocking case of Natalia Grace. However, rumors arise regarding the married life of Natalia Grace. Find out the truth further in this article!

Natalia Grace Barnett is a Ukrainian-born American adoptee who is the subject of two television series.

She is set to reveal her side of the story with The Curious Case of Natalia Grace: Natalia Speaks and the upcoming Hulu series Untitled Orphan Project.

Further, the complicated story of Grace has amassed the attention of worldwide media and news channels.

After years of court visits, Grace wants to disclose the true side of her adoptive parents, Michael and Kristine.

As netizens wait for the release of the docuseries, many are curious about whether Natalia Grace is married.

Is Natalia Grace Married? Rumors After The Curious Case Documentary

Natalia Grace has the goal to dig out the hidden truth that her adoptive parents tried to put away from the world.

Hailing from Ukraine, Grace’s biological parents placed her in an orphanage due to an uncommon form of dwarfism, SED.

Further, the condition resulted in joint pain, stiffness, and short stature of the child.

Natalia Grace sitting on a couchGrace had to live alone for several years and survive on noodles. (Source: Instagram)

When Grace was six years old, the Barnett family adopted her, later accusing her of being a con artist adult.

Despite development in her physical structure, the child appeared to be younger than her original age.

For the same reasons, many wondered about the child’s age and questioned if Natalia Grace was married.

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However, the 20-year-old is not married as such information has not been revealed.

According to reports, the Barnett family stated that Grace had adult teeth and menstrual cycles during her time of adoption.

They also claimed that she displayed behavior that was out of character for her age, such as possessing adult vocabulary.

Natalia Grace before and after photoGrace’s adoptive parents questioned her official age. (Source: Instagram)

Regardless of such claims, Grace is resolute to prove that she was a kid at the time of her adoption.

Meanwhile, the documentaries of the case have revealed the sketchy side of the family as well.

When Michael and Kristine welcomed Natalia Grace into their married life, they invited trouble into their household.

However, the investigations revealed distressing details of abuse and neglect which put all the parties in a dire situation.

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The Case Of Natalia: Accusation Of Homicide And Court Arrest

With more retelling of the story, the mystery surrounding Natalia Grace’s adoption care remains unsolved.

The Barnetts, who also had three sons, soon came to doubt the accuracy of Grace’s listed age.

After the discovery of unusual physical traits, the family concluded that they were living with a con artist sociopath.

Natalia Graces smilingGrace has a rare condition of dwarfism which restricts her growth. (Source: Twitter)

Further, the married couple brought Natalia Grace to a doctor, who verified that she was an adult.

In 2012, Michael and Kristine petitioned an Indiana court to legally change her age from eight to twenty-two years old.

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Similarly, the family rented an apartment for Grace and left her there to live alone, according to court documents. 

Additionally, the couple moved with the rest of their children to Canada before divorcing.

When investigations on Grace’s case began a few years later, authorities charged the Barnetts with neglect of a dependent.

The decision to prosecute the Barnetts prompted sensational news coverage, portraying the couple as overly selfish.

Natalia in a black dressGrace tried to locate her biological parents after the case. (Source: Twitter)

However, the convicts presented their reasons in court and claimed that the child threatened to kill them with a kitchen knife.

With that, the family concluded that Grace had homicidal tendencies and even tried to poison them.

Later, Grace appeared alongside a family who cared for her after the Barnetts for a Dr. Phil’s episode.

Moreover, she revealed the abuse that she had to go through during her childhood.

Now, with The Curious Case Of Natalia Grace: Natalia Speaks documentary, Grace plans to dispute Michael’s claims and to set the record straight.

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