Is Mario Lopez Sick? What Happened To Him- Illness And Health 2023

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Actor and TV host Mario Lopez’s sick news was sad for his fans. But, the way Lopez healed his illness is a story to many.  

Mario Lopez is an American TV host; and film and television Actor. He rose to fame for hosting the American version of The X Factor Season 2 and 3. 

Likewise, Lopez co-hosted Season 2 of the show with the famous Khloé Kardashian. Also, he became the sole host for the third season of The X Factor. 

Now, let us shift our focus to Mario Lopez’s Sick news. Please stay connected with us to learn more. 

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Is Mario Lopez Sick? What Happened To The Former X Factor Host?

Actor and television host Mario Lopez suffered from an unknown illness as a child. The X Factor host said that his stomach wasn’t fully formed as a baby which was very serious at the time. 

A female Mexican curandera healed Mario Lopez’s illness. (Source: The Boston Globe)

Lopez recalled his childhood was tough for him and his parents as he was born eight-and-a-half pounds.

Also, his stomach wasn’t fully formed, so he couldn’t hold anything inside. Hence, he lost four pounds as his stomach never digested the food properly. 

Likewise, Lopez said he owes his life to a Mexican Witch Doctor, commonly known as Bruja. He believes that the curandera brought him back from death as a baby. 

This fact proves that Lopez believes in alternative treatment power other than Western medicine. A bruja saved his life when he was a young boy. 

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It seems like the Actor acknowledges Bruja’s healing power for a specific type of illness. 

Lopez inspires many to give credit to alternative healers as he finds his life happy after his healing as a kid. 

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Mario Lopez Illness

The Former X Factor host Mario Lopez’s illness was rare and seemed a genetic disorder. Lopez’s sickness caused his stomach to not grow full as a baby. 

This caused Lopez to lose almost half his body weight as a baby. His stomach couldn’t hold anything in.

The Actor revealed that his condition was so dire that his Father visited a Catholic priest to give him his last rights in case anything went sideways.

But later, Lopez’s Father brought his hope back and refused to let his son die. 

Furthermore, Lopez’s dad kidnapped him from the hospital and took him to a Mexican bruja in Ensenada, Mexico.

Just like Lopez, his Father also credits Bruja as she had previously healed his leg injury, which wasn’t cured by Western medicine.

Actor and host Lopez said: 

She (refering to bruja) had my dad mix a crazy thing into Carnation Milk and let me drink it. After having it, I started getting better slowly. 

Strictly speaking, Lopez’s childhood experience made him believe in alternative medicine. Yet modern drugs couldn’t cure him and his dad.

It looks like Lopez shares a good bond with his childhood witch doctor and credits her for speeding his recovery.

Mario Lopez Health 2023

As of now, host and series Actor Lopez seems fine and has not been affected by his childhood sickness, which is always a positive sign for him and his fans.

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Mario Lopez Health UpdateMario Lopez Health Update. (Source: The Hollywood Report)

Yes, Lopez credits Bruja for his healing. According to many myth busters, mainly in Western society, Bruja and witchcraft healing are viewed as scary and dangerous. 

However, curanderas practices have received little attention and have gone mainstream in these recent years. Actor Mario Lopez and many Latinos still embrace curanderas and their age-old wisdom practices. 

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What Does Mario Lopez Do To Maintain His Health?

As we all know, health is wealth; it is the most essential thing that can never be neglected. And nobody knows this better than actor Lopez who was deadly ill when he was small.

The former X Factor host was underweight as a child since his stomach was not fully formed. As already mentioned, he went to a Mexican witch doctor who helped him gain his health.

Although Mario has long recovered from his illness, he still hasn’t forgotten the whole ordeal. Hence, to this day, he works hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

An alternative medicine believer, Lopez has adopted various ways to improve his physique and stay in top shape.

For instance, he practices Brazilian jiu-jitsu to maintain his body.

Mario Lopez WorkoutMario Lopez in his Brazilian jiu-jitsu attire (Source: Instagram)

Lopez also attends yoga classes and seems quite interested in doing yoga. Not just that, he occasionally accompanies his wife, Courtney Mazza, to her spinning classes.

While his kids accompany Lopez during his martial arts classes, Mark Wahlberg and Frank Grillo are Mario’s occasional gym buddies.

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The former X Factor judge is quite athletic and is a fitness freak.

Hence, you won’t be surprised to know that boxing, weight-lifting, and wrestling are part of this handsome guy’s workout regimen.

Mario considers his health a top priority and aspires to be healthy for as long as possible.

Thanks to his hard work, he is energetic and able to handle hectic schedules.

Also, the Hollywood personality’s workout routines include Total body circuit training, abs circuit training, boxing circuit, and more.

The guy even has different workout plans for each day of the week. He targets certain body parts and works out.

Speaking of Mario Lopez’s diet, he tries to eat fewer carbs and practices portion control. For carbs, he eats plenty of vegetables, fresh fruits, and whole grains.

The actor only consumes healthy fats like olive oil and wild salmon, as per Total Shape.

He also completely avoids white bread, liquid calories, sugar, and anything fried.

Looking at his workout routines and diet, it’s no wonder that Mario has been able to have such a ripped body.

Some even consider his physique the definition of perfection.

Being fit and healthy is not an easy job. It requires a lot of hard work, strong determination, and commitment.

Hence, we all can take a lesson from Lopez’s dedication to his health and fitness and try to make smart food and health choices.

Also, you can challenge yourself to try actor Mario Lopez’s rigorous workout program.

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