Is Joseph Kalimbwe Arrested? What Did Zambian Politician Do? Net Worth

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Joseph Kalimbwe arrested news is the highlight of media outlets after this controversial figure is behind the bar for his wrong deeds. The general people hope for proper investigation and legal proceedings.

He is a famous author, activist, and politician from Zambia associated with ruling the United Party for National Development of Hakainde Hichilema. He has served in different high-level positions, making him well-known.

In 2014, Kalimbwe operated as the African Union youth simulation president and student representative council of the University of Namibia 2017. Many people are aware of his influential works.

As he holds enormous fame for his profession among general people, many people are curious about his whereabouts as his wrongdoing has surfaced in the media outlets.

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Is Joseph Kalimbwe Arrested? His Arrest News Is Trending Over Media

Joseph Kalimbwe’s arrest news has been trending over the media outlets after the Zambian Politician’s wrongdoing has been out amongst all. His charges include impersonation and defrauding people. 

Zambian Politician arrested in Zambia for impersonation and defrauding people (Source- Twitter)

With the post highlighted all over the online users, many people have commented numerous bad words about him. Many feel that he has a criminal background and does not suit for high positions.

As he has been controversial since the beginning, many people claimed his background shortly after the information about his arrest came among the people.

Since official sources have claimed it to be accurate, his legal proceeding may come forwards shortly with judgment for authorities and inquiry.

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What Did Zambian Politician Joseph Kalimbwe Do? His WrongDoing

Widely known as Zambian Politician, Joseph Kalimbwe is arrested for his wrongdoing by impersonating and cheating people. 

As he looked similar to the UNDP National Youth Chairman, Gilbert Liswaniso, due to their slender body, Joseph began door-to-door campaigns trying to deceive people.

He initiated his plans by explaining that he was part of the Central Committe of the governing Party. With this, he accumulated money on several occasions in the name of UNDP.

Moreover, the central authority from the National Youth Chairman learned about his cheating and using the name of the Party. For his wrongdoing, the authority called the Police for arrest.

Following his complaint, he was taken to the central jail and is currently under bars. Gilbert Liswaniso has warned people that trying to misuse his office’s name would have dire consequences.

There are numerous claims on the Zambian Politician Joseph Kalimbwe for which he is behind the barsThere are numerous claims on the Zambian Politician Joseph Kalimbwe for which he is behind bars (Source- Twitter)

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Joseph Kalimbwe Net Worth As Of 2023

According to the All Famous Birthday, Joseph Kalimbwe has an estimated net worth of around 5 million dollars from his profession as of 2023.

His earnings source comes as a politician, author, and activist. He served in different high-level leading positioned and authored famous books, which added to his earnings.

Even though he is known for serving people, his fraud and impersonation case has bought severe downfall on his fame among people, which may cause him to stand in jail and pay the financial penalty too.

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Besides the controversial aspect, he is currently in his late 20s, and he has many years of opportunity for growth and susses in his career field by promoting his influential works and talents.

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