Is Ellen Shell In Jail? Arrest And Charge

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Ellen Shell jail news has gone viral as the lady was arrested recently and is now in custody. Here’s everything about her charges.

Ellen Shell seems to be a lady whose name has been making rounds after she was arrested recently. According to a Facebook post, Shell is a woman from Danville.

None of the media sources have shared details about Shell, but people are heavily searching for the news related to Shell’s detention.

Mainly on Facebook, the news of Shell has gone viral. So, collecting every piece of information available on the internet, we’ve mentioned everything in today’s writing.

Is Ellen Shell In Jail?

According to a Facebook post made by a lady named Chas Michelle claims that Ellen Shell has been booked and is in custody. Chas is a lady from Danville, Kentucky, who reported the news of Ellen via her Facebook account.

More than five people shared the respective Facebook post of Shell’s arrest. At the time of this writing, none of the media outlets gave information about Ellen Shell.

A woman named Ellen Shell from Danville has been arrested and is booked. (Source: NDTV)

As we try to get more information about this case, more information will be shared soon. As of now, it can be said that the Police department may be investigating this case.

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Ellen Shell Arrest And Charges Details Explored

A woman named Ellen Shell from Danville has been arrested and is in custody. We cannot share her charges because the officials have not shared anything about Shell’s news.

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However, it can be said that the charges of Shell are related to child abuse. According to Chas Michelle, Shell has been having sex/oral sex with many underage boys in return for alcohol that attend Garrard County High School.

Ellen Shell ArrestA woman named Ellen Shell is in custody, and Chas Michelle shared the news. (Source: Facebook)

She made the post on Facebook two days ago. Chas also revealed that her child came home with many proofs and urged parents and other people about the case. 

Following that, everyone was shocked, and a Facebook user wrote, “So she supposedly buying alcohol for underage teens?” Another person also asked a question to Chas if the school was notified.

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Who Is Ellen Shell From Danville?

Ellen Shell is a woman whose age has not been shared. We know she is from Danville and works at a school, but the school’s name has not been shared with the tabloids.

The Facebook post by Chas showed that Ellen was engaged in intimate activities with the boys from Garrard County High School. Due to that, some have speculated that Ellen may have worked at the same high school.

bookedEllen Shell from Danville is booked, and the news was first shared on Facebook. (Source: Facebook)

The recent post by Chas showed that 15 boys ranging from Garrard to Danville had come forward about the activities done by Shell. Considering all these facts, it can be said that Ellen did adult activities with underage boys in return for alcohol.

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The news of Ellen Shell is a developing story, and more information about her case will be updated as soon as the officials release a statement. So, keep visiting Genius Celebs for more trending news like this. 

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