Is Anna Gunn Sick? What Happened To The Apology Cast? Illness And Health Update

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Apology Fans are sad to hear about Anna Gunn’s Illness. Is The Apology Actress Anna Gunn Sick? Let’s investigate. 

American Actress Gunn rose to fame by appearing as Skyler White in the fan-favorite series Breaking Bad.

Also, she won the Primetime Emmy Award for best-supporting Actress in a Drama series. The Actress won for three consecutive years in 2012, 2013, and 2014.  

Legit sources claim Breaking Bad Actress Anna Gunn’s net worth is $9 million. She amassed a massive fortune through her acting career in films and television series. 

Moreover, Gunn’s salary is a whopping $75 Thousand per episode. 

Now, shifting our attention to the Actress’s illness — Gunn is battling with Lupus which was the reason for her weight gain in Breaking Bad Season 4. 

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Is Anna Gunn Sick? What Happened To The Apology Cast?

Apology Actress Anna Gunn was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. Gunn has been battling the disease for quite a while now, which is the sad reason for her weight gain.

Actress Anna Gunn was sick while shooting the fourth season of Breaking Bad. (Source: The New York Times)

The brave Actress is now battling Lupus. She might have had difficulty during COVID because the disease can cause immunocompromised.

Gunn shared her challenges with her recent weight gain after the disease. The Actress said: 

The disease affected my weight. I was actually sick while filming the show. 

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Unfortunately, Gunn’s treatment and other factors affected her weight in many ways. 

Doctors say that Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, shortly known as SLE or Lupus, is an auto-immune disease. The fatal part of SLE is not only a weakened immune system but the immune attacking its own organs and tissue.

Moreover, Anna’s treatment and medication are making it more difficult for her body.

However, the 2013 Emmy Awards winner has been battling her Lupus problems fiercely. She was even working on the series during her illness.

Although the disease has taken away some of her appearance and physical strength, Gunn’s mental strength is unshaken, and she is living her life without fear.

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Anna Gunn Illness And Health Update

The 2013 Emmy Awards Star, Anna Gunn, is battling Lupus. She was diagnosed with SLE in July this year.

Her battle with SLE was the sad reason for Gunn’s weight gain in Breaking Bad Season 4. She was sick during the fourth season shoot. 

However, now, Gunn seems to adapt to her disease and is trying to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Anna Gunn sickActress Anna Gunn was sick and diagnosed with Lupus. (Source: Television Academy)

Yet, the Actress isn’t wholly regained from Lupus. She was first diagnosed with the disease while filming the series.

At first, Gunn felt ill while shooting when she first had symptoms. But she calmly dealt with her situation even after putting on extra weight.

Gunn’s way of tackling the situation inspires many people worldwide. Way to go, girl!

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