Is Alex Murdaugh Psychopath? Trial Updates- Why Did He Murdered Wife And Kids

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Is Alex Murdaugh Psychopath? The Murdaugh family murder investigation has taken surprising detours and turns since the wife and son of a prominent South Carolina family were discovered killed in June 2021.

The Murdaugh family was a well-known American legal family in South Carolina’s Low Country. 

The five-county territory became known locally as “Murdaugh Country” because three generations of the family held the position of solicitor, responsible for prosecuting all criminal cases, in the state’s 14th circuit district, in succession from 1920 to 2006. 

In Hampton, South Carolina, the family also established a renowned civil litigation law Company focusing on personal injury cases.


Since 2014, investigations involving many killings, corruption, and other alleged crimes, such as insurance fraud, scamming clients, stealing insurance benefits, and drug-related allegations, have included Richard “Alex” Murdaugh and other members of the Murdaugh family.

Alex Murdaugh’s son, Paul Murdaugh, and other members of the Murdaugh family were charged in a tragic boating accident in 2019 amid allegations of preferential treatment. 

Paul and Alex Murdaugh’s mother was killed in June 2021. Those murders are allegedly the fault of Alex. Let’s dive deep to know more details about Alex Murdaugh Psychopath.

Is Alex Murdaugh Psychopath? Trial Updates

Alex Murdaugh was being pushed into the walls. It was the spring of 2021, and Mr. Murdaugh, a prominent South Carolina attorney whose success was based on the generations-long legal dynasty his family had established, was about to witness that legacy crumble.

His law company was questioning him about missing money, and he was under pressure in court to reveal his financial situation. 

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Alex Murdaugh Psychopath. (Source: The Independent)

By doing so, he would have thwarted what the prosecution claims were multi-year plans to steal millions of dollars from customers and associates. 

Then, on June 7, 2021, the younger Mr. Murdaugh’s two sons, Paul Murdaugh, 22, and his wife, Maggie Murdaugh, 52, were shot and killed on the family’s sizable hunting estate in a rural area of South Carolina’s Low country.

Why Did He Murdered Wife And Kids?

In addition to stating that he was “still in this,” Owen informed Murdaugh, “I have to set aside my convictions and follow the facts.”

The state is nearing the conclusion of its case, in which prosecutors claim Murdaugh killed his wife and son to divert attention from a long li

st of alleged financial crimes he had committed and to avoid a “day of reckoning” when those crimes might come to light. Owen’s testimony on Wednesday comes at this point.

Murdaugh, who has pleaded not guilty to two counts of murder and two charges involving weapons in connection with the killings, is portrayed by the defense as a devoted husband. 

And talking about Father, who dialed 911 the night of the killings after discovering his wife and son shot at the family’s estate in Islandton, South Carolina, a location known as “Moselle.”

According to Owen’s testimony on Wednesday, Murdaugh was “the only known suspect” in the killings at the time of the interview on August 11, 2021.

Alex Murdaugh PsychopathFootage shows the investigator asking Alex Murdaugh if he killed his wife and son. (Source: People)

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Due to the Murdaugh family’s longstanding relationships with the local solicitor, the case was transferred the same day from the local solicitor to the Attorney General’s Office, which has been pursuing the case: During roughly 87 years, three generations of Murdaughs held the position of 14th Circuit Solicitor.

According to Owen’s testimony on Wednesday, Murdaugh’s answers were given voluntarily during the August 2021 interview. 

According to Owen, Murdaugh wanted to ask SLED agents questions regarding the investigation, and the agent informed him that Murdaugh wanted to ask him some questions as well. 

Murdaugh said he felt at ease responding to the agents’ inquiries.

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