How Old Is Dali Rose Tetreault From Skinamarink? Wikipedia Age And Parents

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Dali Rose Tetreault, the actress in Skinamarink, is emerging in the entertainment industry, and fans yearn to know more about her.

The 2022 film Skinamarink is a horror starring Dali Rose Tetreault as an actress. Besides Tetreault, the other film casts are Jaime Hill, Ross Paul, and Lucas Paul.

Released on July 25, 2022, the film was directed by Kyle Edward Ball. It was made on a budget of US$15,000, and it collected 2 million USD at the box office.

The article discusses Dali Rose Tetreault regarding her age and role in the film. Keep reading to find the details.

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What Is Dali Rose Tetreault Age From Skinamarink?

Dali Rose Tetreault has just made her debut in the movie; there is no information regarding her age on the Internet.

Moreover, maybe because she is a child actress, she still has not maintained social media profiles such as Instagram and Twitter.

However, in the film, Skinamarink, Dali Rose Tetreault portrays the character of a 6-year-old girl.

The popular experimental horror film Skinamarink, currently available to stream on Shudder, has made a big buzz in the cinema world, especially among horror fanatics.

Dali Rose Tetreault (Kaylee) in the film Skinamarink (Source: Sneak Peak)

Going through the review, some people have pinpointed the film as if you punctuate your eerily quiet, muddled movie with one or two loud, startling noises; you can make people jump!

Skinamarink, a 100-minute feature film by Canadian director Kyle Edward Ball, explores a relatively straightforward idea.

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To describe the synopsis, two kids wake up in the middle of the night in 1995 to find their parents gone and learn that all the windows and doors in their home have vanished.

The incredibly low-budget (described above) experimental movie had its world premiere at Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal last summer.

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Parents And Upbringing Of The Skinamarink Actress, Dali Rose Tetreault

There is yet to know about personal details about Dali Rose Tetreault, the actress who plays the role of Kaylee in the horror film Skinamarink.

Tetreault’s name has only appeared on the Internet to portray Kaylee in this film. She has yet to share about her parents and acting career with the world.

Kaylee and Kevin in the horror film, SkinamarinkA scene from the Skinamarink (Source: High On Films)

The movie Skinamarink revolves around two young siblings- a 6-year-old sister (Kaylee) and a 4-year-old brother (Kevin).

They wake up one day alone in the house to discover that all the doors and windows in their house have disappeared, and they cannot communicate with the outside world.

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As their parents are also missing, they are forced to spend their time in the living room watching old cartoons on TV.

The fact that Kevin and Kaylee spend all their time acting like children contributes significantly to the film’s unsettling atmosphere.

They continue to eat cereal, watch cartoons, and play with Legos as a horrible presence grows.

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Skinamarink is a 2022 horror experimental filmSkinamarink is a 2022 horror experimental film (Source: 3 Brothers Film)

The only light available to these children is from flashlights or the glow of a CRT TV, which only heightens their rising existential dread.

Skinamarink is one of the few movies that comprehends that hearing a bump in the night and then peering into the gloom is far more terrifying than seeing it.

The film received social media excitement due to a few online leaks. IFC Films released it in theaters, and now viewers can watch it at home, thanks to Shudder’s acquisition.

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