How Does Lee Jong Suk Before Plastic Surgery? What Is Wrong With His Face?

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Fans of the well-known South Korean Actor Lee Jong Suk sometimes question, “How Does Lee Jong Suk Before Plastic Surgery?”

Jong is well-known for his parts in the dramas While You Were Sleeping, School 2013, and Pinocchio. He has also acted in movies like Hot Young Bloods and No Breathing.

Lee Jong Suk is currently shooting in South Korea for his upcoming Drama, “Big Mouth.” His first undertaking after completing his conscription was recently highlighted in a magazine’s “Ask Me Anything” section, during which he discussed his experiences in the military.

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How Does Lee Jong Suk Before Plastic Surgery? What Is Wrong With His Face?

Although there is no concrete proof that Lee Jong Suk has had plastic surgery, many of his followers think that at least some work has been done.

Given that it seems slimmer and more refined than it was in his younger years, his nose is considered the most likely candidate for surgery.

His skin also appears unnaturally flawless and free of imperfections, which could be the product of aesthetic operations like chemical peels or laser treatments.

Lee Jong Suk Before Plastic Surgery. (Source: Justin Boey)

Whether South Korean Actor Lee Jong Suk underwent a nose operation is unclear. Although his nose appears dramatically different in images taken before and after, many fans think he has.

Lee Jong Suk has never admitted or denied having a nose job, but many of his fans think he has because his nose looks substantially different in before-and-after pictures.

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Some fans think surgery may have made his nose appear more refined and narrow in recent images.

Whether Lee Jong Suk got a nose operation, he is an accomplished and famous Actor. He has a sizable and devoted fan and has appeared in several successful dramas and movies.

Despite obvious cases of celebrities who have undergone facial reconstruction, many are reluctant to acknowledge the surgeon’s assistance.

One person who is very discreet about his medical treatments is Lee Jong Suk. It was another reason why, as a performer in the entertainment industry, he decided to have eyelid surgery.

Among Korean celebrities, the double eyelid treatment is the most common. The most significant aesthetic standards were considered when performing Lee Jong Suk’s plastic surgery.

A 28-year-old Actor had surgery on his nose and eyelids to make himself look more masculine. His team’s surgeons were aware of their duties.

Generally speaking, Lee Jong Suk appears to have received assistance from the knife (or needle) to reach his present level of attractiveness, but whatever it was, it looks fantastic on him!

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Lee Jong Suk Net Worth 2023

Lee Jong Suk is one of South Korea’s highest-paid actors, with an estimated net worth of more than $50 million, according to Epic Stream as of 2023.

When he made his official acting debut in the 2010 television series Prosecutor Princess, he started to receive enormous pay. He appeared in the film Ghost the same year.

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Lee Jong Suk netLee Jong Suk living his best life. (Source: Epic Stream)

After then, Lee Jong Suk kept getting substantial parts, such as in I Can Hear Your Voice, Doctor Stranger, Pinnochio, while you were sleeping, The Hymn of Death, and Romance is a Bonus Book.

While the details of his compensation for these dramas are still unknown, it has been established that he received $50,000 per episode for most Korean dramas.

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