Hell’s Kitchen: Who Is Nicole Gomez? Age Parents And Ethnicity

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Nicole Gomez is a celebrity private chef set to appear on the 21st installment of Hell’s Kitchen: Battle of the Ages, an American reality culinary show on Fox.

The Hell’s Kitchen contestant Nicole Gomez has an impressive resume. She has cooked for many celebrities and athletes such as Dan Bilzerian, Eddie Murphy, and Will Smith.

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, renowned for being severe with their competitors, hosts the reality cooking show Hell’s Kitchen.

Season 10 winner Christina Wilson will join Ramsay as the sous chef of team red (also known as 20-something), and Season 7 runner-up Jason “Jay” Santos will act as the sous chef of team blue (also known as 40-something).

As the title suggests, 18 contestants will be divided into two groups – 20-something and 40-somethings. The two age groups must battle each other through difficult culinary challenges.

Celebrity Private Chef Nicole Gomez Is In Her 40s

Nicole Gomez is a 40-something-year-old. The show revealed that Gomez would be part of the Blue team.

Since the renowned chef has more than 20 years of expertise, we may confidently infer that she is in her 40s.

Celebrity Private Chef Nicole Gomez, picking up fresh produce in California. Source: Instagram

Gomez has a vibrant and energizing personality, as seen in the show’s trailer. Sous chef Jason Santos described her as an “absolute delight” to have in the Kitchen.

Nicole is a seasoned professional chef who was once an intern at the Playboy mansion. During her internship, the 40-year-old got fascinated with all the food being served as art pieces.

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Eventually, she landed a full-time job at the Playboy mansion and worked as a chef for a year and a half. The Playboy job made the Hell’s Kitchen contestant realize that cooking was her one true calling.

The private chef hasn’t looked back since that time. This year, she finished her 22-year career in the food industry.

Gomez is highly passionate about cooking and is the perfect match for the reality show. The 40-year-old’s passion, sincerity, and hard work have certainly made her a skilled chef today.

The chef always posts mouthwatering and aesthetic pictures of food and brief descriptions of the dishes. Ninety percent of Gomez’s Instagram is a compilation of her cooking.

Nicole’s Instagram handle is “chefnicolegomez.” Therefore, we know that being a chef is a big part of her identity. The Hell’s Kitchen contestant also believes serving people food is a gift.

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Nicole Gomez Parents And Ethnicity: Her Then-Boyfriend Pushed The Chef Towards Cooking

Nicole Gomez has decided to keep all family-related information private. The professional chef does not want her personal life to overshadow her career.

The program claims that Gomez resides in Los Angeles, California. We are unsure if she is a native of California, though.

Nicole Gomez Nicole Gomez displays her Latino side by preparing Smoked Boriqua Pernil Costillas Source: Instagram.

The chef is Latino as the last name “Gomez” is most commonly used by people of Hispanic countries such as Spain, Mexico, etc. In addition, Gomez also posted a picture of her version of the Puerto Rican food Smoked Boriqua Pernil Costillas and captioned it with the hashtag “comfort food.” 

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In 2013, the 40-year-old posted a video of Thanksgiving dinner with family. The Hell’s Kitchen contestant created a fine-dining experience for her family with dishes such as sauteéd garlic chanterelles, roasted filet, Turkey with mini Persian cucumbers with burrata, and aged balsamic, to name a few.

As we see more of Nicole on reality TV, she may reveal more information about her family and personal life in interviews and on the show.

In a podcast with The Conscious Kitchen, the chef revealed that she would have become a commercial pilot if her then-boyfriend had not pushed her to pursue cooking seriously. He even helped the celebrity chef find culinary schools.

In the same podcast, Gomez also talked about the struggles of being a female in a super competitive world. The chef would try to conceal her femininity by intentionally acting like a man to earn more respect.

We are confident that the seasoned chef will impress the judges and viewers with her creativity and culinary skills.

The reality television program Hell’s Kitchen: Battle of the Ages will premiere on September 29, 2022, at 8:00 pm ET. Hulu will also let you watch it live.

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