Emily Ratajkowski Blurred Lines Controversy: What Did She Say About Robin Thicke ?

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Emily Ratajkowski’s controversy spread after she recently revealed in her new book, My Body, that she was groped on the set of the “Blurred Lines” music video by Robin Thicke.

Emily stated in her blog post about her experience on the set of the shoot that she initially felt comfortable filming both the censored and uncensored versions of the video. Things became awkward when Thicke returned to the set a little tipsy to shoot with her.

Robin Thicke has yet to respond to a request for comment from the BBC. The allegations, first reported in the Sunday Times, are included in Ratajkowski’s upcoming book My Body.

Ratajkowski co-starred in the video with Thicke, Pharrell Williams, and TI. Diane Martel, the video’s director, also told the Sunday Times that she remembered the alleged incident.

Emily Ratajkowski Blurred Lines Controversy

Emily Ratajkowski has accused singer Robin Thicke of sexually assaulting her during filming of the controversial 2013 hit Blurred Lines.

The 30-year-old American supermodel claims Thicke groped her bare breasts from behind while filming the song’s video. It featured her and two other half-naked models, fully clothed American-Canadian Thicke, Pharrell Williams, and rapper TI.

Emily Ratajkowski appeared alongside Robin Thicke in the music video for Blurred Lines (Source: Ew)

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The video and lyrics, which feature Thicke, 44, repeatedly singing “I know you want it,” have been accused of glorifying rape culture, prompting a ban in some nightclubs and on University campuses.

What Did Emily Ratajkowski Say About Robin Thicke?

Thicke’s actions, according to Ratajkowski, made her feel naked for the first time that day, but she was desperate to downplay the incident.

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She said she pushed her chin forward and shrugged, avoiding eye contact, the heat of humiliation coursing through her body.

Diane Martel, the video’s director, said she witnessed the incident and screamed at Thicke, questioning his behavior. She told The Times that she remembers him grabbing her breasts while standing behind her, and they were both in profile.

Ratajkowski and Martel both claim Thicke was inebriated at the time.

As the shoot continued, Thicke sheepishly apologized for his behavior and praised Ratajkowski’s professionalism, according to Martel. The director stated that she intended the video to subvert power dynamics, with the men being ignored and mocked while the women ignored and mocked them.

Thicke’s actions, according to Ratajkowski, undermine any sense of female empowerment. She claimed Robin Thicke reminded everyone on set that the women were not in charge.

Why Did Emily Ratajkowski Share Her Story?

Ratajkowski explains why she told People TV about Thicke touching her breasts uninvited during filming in an interview.

Emily Ratajkowski and RobinEmily Ratajkowski discusses why she didn’t speak out sooner about the groping allegations against Robin Thicke. (Source: koimoi.com)

She shared that experience because she had been talking about how empowering that video was and how great it felt for so long. She continued by saying that it had become the burden of her existence.

The Gone Girl star stated that she had no intention of creating a “gotcha” moment for Thicke and revealed that the singer had not contacted her since telling her story. She was 21 at the time of filming and just starting her career, and she says she would handle it very differently if it happened now.

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The Sunday Times recently published an excerpt from Thicke’s memoir detailing her behavior on the music video set that launched her career.

Blurred Lines topped charts worldwide, including the UK, where it became the most-downloaded song of all time in 2014.

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However, some claimed that the song’s lyrics and video were about non-consensual sex. Later, Pharrell admitted he was embarrassed by the lyrics. Thicke defended the video, telling the BBC in 2013 that his critics didn’t understand the song.

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