Does Bella Ramsey Have Scar On Her Eyebrow? Surgery And Health Update

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Bella Ramsey eyebrow has an evident scar above the right eye while appearing on the hit HBO series “The Last Of Us”. Is Bella Ramsey’s eyebrow scar real?

Bella Ramsey alias Isabella May Ramsey is a popular English actress.

Her breakout performance as the teenage noblewoman Lyanna Mormont in Game of Thrones (2016–2019) and later television appearances as Mildred Hubble in The Worst Witch are what made her famous.

Ramsey has gained more followers recently after playing the lead role as Ellie in the 2023 HBO drama series “The Last Of Us.”

The actress won the Young Performer Award at the 2019 British Academy Children’s Award for her role as Mildred Hubble. She has also added the 2019 BAFTA award for best “Children’s Animation” to her achievement list.

Does Bella Ramsey Have Scar On Her Eyebrow?

Bella Ramsey eyebrow in “The Last Of Us” has quite a matching scar from the video game the series is based on.

Fans are curious to find out if the scar on Bella Ramsey eyebrow is real or just makeup to match it with the game character.

Ramsey matches the character down to the scar on her eyebrow, however, the only aesthetic difference from the game is Ramsey’s brunette hair color.

Bella Ramsey eyebrow scar matches with the game character. (Source: Looper)

However, the actress has not come forward in the media to tell the reality about her eyebrow which has made a lot of fans come up with several assumptions.

On Reddit, admirers have discussed Bella Ramsey eyebrow and they have concluded that she probably had shaved off part of her eyebrow.

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People have pointed out the scar in multiple photos uploaded on social media. It appears Bella will have the scar throughout the series as depicted in the game.

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Did Bella Ramsey Have A Surgery?

Many before-and-after images of Bella have led to rumors that she underwent cosmetic surgery.

Ramsey might not have had her lips fixed cosmetically. She took care of her skin naturally, and she could have worn makeup to accentuate her beautiful face.

In all honesty, her enlarged facial features and slightly altered lips are the centers of attention. Bella’s entire appearance as Ellie was viewed as more eccentric than her previous appearance in Game of Thrones.

Ramsey is too young to have surgery, even though her before and after photos suggest she may have had multiple procedures to enhance her lips.

Bella RamseyBella Ramsey says she wants to be recognized as gender fluid. (Source: Unilad)

Bella has sadly never made the news of her surgery public. The actress appears to want to look more attractive and enhance her beauty, but she doesn’t want her fans to know about it.

The stunning young actress should also take good care of her skin and lips by going frequently.

Although The Last of Us, her most recent acting endeavor, is well-liked, Bella still has a lot of acting work ahead of her. The character of their beloved actress in the thriller series was well-received by both critics and fans.

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Bella Ramsey Health Update

Bella Ramsey seems to be doing fine and in excellent health condition as she is working on the series “The Last Of Us.”

However, the actress revealed to her fans that she had been diagnosed with anorexia nervosa in a thread she made on her Twitter account in October 2018.

The eating disorder anorexia nervosa is characterized by food restriction, low weight, the anxiety of gaining weight, disturbed body image, and an intense desire to be slim.

Ramsey said that she sought counseling to identify the precise root of her eating disorder. She has not provided any updates on the issue since then, and it appears that she has already recovered.

Bella frequently posts photos to her Instagram, and by viewing them, we can see that Ramsey is healthy.

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