Did Pierre Palmade Commit Suicide? Drugs And Accident Update

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Pierre Palmade suicide rumors are spreading over the internet after the near-fatal car crash due to drug usage and child pornography charges. Here is more about the French actor and an update on the case.

French actor Pierre Palmade was involved in a car accident that injured five, three in critical situation.

The accident was noted to be fueled by cocaine usage, which has left the actor with serious legal problems.

To add to the drug charges, Palmade is now investigated for possessing child pornography. 

This has led to many believing that the French actor might have taken his life in shame. Let’s find out more about Pierre Palmade’s suicide rumors.

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Pierre Palmade Suicide- Did The French Actor Commit Suicide?

Pierre Palmade’s suicide rumor is invalid, and the gossip that he committed the unthinkable is baseless.

The French actor is in hot water for driving under the influence of cocaine and possible involuntary manslaughter due to the accident on February 10, which injured five people.

In addition to the drug and accident charges, Palmade is investigated over possible possession of child pornography.

Pierre Palmade is being investigated over possible possession of child pornography. (Source: BBC)

After a tip from an unidentified person, police searched the comedian’s apartment in Paris on February 19.

Officers left his house with several bags containing his personal items and a computer to be analyzed by specialists. 

Authorities confirmed that they are investigating the truthfulness of the tipster’s claim and have ten days to conduct their investigation.

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If found guilty, Palmade could face up to five years in jail and be fined €75,000.

The news of the 55-year-old actor with a history of drug usage and legal troubles- spread in France and worldwide.

Many believed that Palmade might have committed suicide due to the shame of being accused of child pornography possession.

However, as of February 22, the comedian is alive and recovering from the injuries he suffered in the car crash two weeks earlier. 

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Pierre Palmade Drugs Charge- High On Cocaine During Accident

French actor Pierre Palmade is charged with drug usage, which probably caused the accident which injured five.

An initial investigation concluded that Palmade was driving under the influence of cocaine.

Along with him, two other people were riding in his car. Soon after the accident, the two men were seen fleeing the accident scene.

The fear of getting caught with drug possession may have been why the two fled the scene instead of helping the injured.

Palmade, who suffered significant injuries, is set to be tried for manslaughter as soon as his condition improves. 

pierrePierre Palmade was high on cocaine during the crash on February 18, which injured five people. (Source: Le Parisien)

French law states that driving under the influence of narcotics can land a person up to two years in jail.

The 55-year-old actor is expected to face a prison sentence because not only he drove with cocaine in his system, the accident turned near-fatal for other people.

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This is not the first time the French actor has been charged with drug usage.

He was convicted of cocaine usage in 1995 and was fined 20000 francs. He had a history of drug usage.

Pierre publicly admitted that he had been a drug addict most of his life, saying cocaine had ruined his life since his early 20s. 

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