Connor Sturgeon Mental Health: Louisville Shooter Shot To Death- Instagram Video

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Connor Sturgeon mental health: people are asking if the shooter who carried out a massacre at a bank in Louisville had any mental health issues.

Sturgeon carried out a massacre at the Old National Bank in Louisville, killing four and injuring eight others on Monday (10 April 2023).

The gunman reportedly left a note for his parents revealing that he was going to attack the bank.

Police officers responded to the shocking incident as quickly as possible and arrived at the scene within a few minutes.

The general public has been wondering if the shooter was mentally ill and if he was not in the right mind. Learn more about this below.

Connor Sturgeon Mental Health: Louisville Shooter Shot To Death- Instagram Video

There have been no reports related to Connor Sturgeon’s mental health.

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The gunman also live-streamed the incident on Instagram. Sturgeon, an employee of the same bank, was killed by an officer during a shootout with the authorities.

There have been no official reports related to Connor Sturgeon’s mental health. (Image Source: Mirror)

A person in their rational mind would not commit such a heinous crime. Most of the time, there is either a mental disorder or a strong motive behind the crime.

The motive behind the Louisville bank massacre remains a mystery, so people suspect Sturgeon had mental health issues.

As there has been no official report, we can’t make any claim related to the shooter’s mental health.

According to the research by the Vera Institute of Justice (published in February 2016), about 14.5 percent of men and 31 percent of women in prison have a serious mental disorder or illness.

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Connor Sturgeon Was A Popular Athlete And Suffered Multiple Concussions

Connor Sturgeon was a star athlete in high school. The former athlete reportedly suffered multiple concussions when he wore a helmet while playing basketball.

Sturgeon was an all-around athlete. He participated in basketball, football, and track during his first year at Floyd Central High School in Floyds Knobs, Indiana.

A former classmate said that Sturgeon was referred to as “Mr. Floyd Central.” Also, his father served as the team’s head coach.

Connor Sturgeon Mental HealthConnor Sturgeon suffered many injuries during his high school playing career and wore a helmet while playing basketball. (Image Source: New York Post)

The classmate, who wished to remain anonymous, did see that Sturgeon, who had sustained many concussions while playing football, oddly wore a helmet while playing basketball.

“During eighth grade, we played football together. Connor was absent for most of the year due to multiple concussions,” he explained. He had a few more in high school,” explained Sturgeon’s former classmate.

A picture from Connor’s junior year on the Floyd Central High School basketball team revealed that he wore a helmet at a match where he scored almost half the team’s points.

The former classmate couldn’t help but give thought to Sturgeon’s HS injuries and connect them to other situations in which athletes who experienced concussions went on to harm themselves or others.

Is There A Link Between Concussions And Violence?

As reported by New York Post, in recent years, medical professionals have established several connections between football players and CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy). CTE is a brain disorder (progressive) caused by several head injuries.

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According to the publication, people with CTE frequently exhibit poor thinking and memory and are prone to violence, mood swings, sadness, and paranoia.

After committing suicide in prison in 2017, it was discovered that disgraced New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, who was found guilty of murder in 2015, had severe CTE.

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