Concord Strip Mall Shooting: Eric Cavazo Shot To Death And Step Father Injured- Case Update

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Deadly shooting at Concord Strip Mall- A 21-year-old man, Eric Cavazo shot to death, and his stepfather was injured. Let’s know about the case. 

Eric Cavazo was 21 years old man who was also a mall shooting victim. Eric was shot to death, whereas his stepfather was injured in a shooting Tuesday at a Concord strip mall. 

The sources revealed that he was shot in the head, and his body lay underneath a tarp at the mall. His stepfather was taken to the hospital as soon as the incident occurred. 

The investigators revealed that Eric pulled up in their car and parked outside Payless Cigarettes and that a man encountered Cavazos with a rifle. Similarly, both men started struggling over the weapon, and Eric fell to the ground and was shot. 

The news is gaining many people’s attention and is a current media sensation. The shooting happened at about 9:45 am, and no clear motive was made public. 

Concord Strip Mall Shooting: Eric Cavazo Shot To Death

The Concord Strip Mall incident stunned and saddened everyone. The incident ended up killing one young man and leaving his step Father hurt. 

Further, the Concord Strip Mall shooting happened at about 9:45 am, and Eric became the victim ending his whole life. People are mourning his death, and the incident is heartbroken as a minor lost his life. According to the sources, no other people were hurt, nor has other information been recorded. 

Henry Lee tweets about Concord Strip Mall Shooting incident. (Source: Twitter)

There have been many questions about how the incident happened and what led to the shooting, so, as per the reports, Eric was dragged into their car and parked outside Payless Cigarettes, which seems to be the major cause.

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Then the 21-year-old victim was confronted by a man with a rifle. The source said that the two men began fighting over the weapon, and he was shot after he fell off the ground. 

Further information is being investigated. Also, more reports are yet to be carried out by the authorities team and the local police forces. 

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Concord Strip Mall Shooting Victim Eric Cavazo Step Father

The Concord Strip Mall shooting has left one more victim in severe pain. Eric was shot to death, and the second victim was his step Father who is reported to be injured and taken to the hospital. The name and details of his step Father has yet to be announced. 

Eric CavazoPeople were gathered after the Concord strip mall shooting incident. (Source: KRON4)

Similarly, Eric’s relatives reported that Eric’s stepfather was hurt in a shooting and must be undergoing treatment. However, nothing more about Eric’s stepfather has been discussed, including his condition. 

Therefore, more information is yet to be updated. The department sources haven’t shared anything else regarding the investigation. 

Concord Strip Mall Shooting Case Update

The Concord Strip Mall shooting incident scared the local people. This has been widely shared on social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook. 

Similarly, the news about the death of Eric and his step Father’s injury has been revealed by the sources; however, multiple questions have been asked regarding the case as netizens are questioning more for an update about it. 

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Well, no more details have been updated about the shooting case, and the investigation is ongoing, so everyone is hoping for more details to arrive. 

Eric CavazoConcord Strip Mall Shooting incident’s second victim was Eric Cavazo’s stepfather. (Source: Twitter)

While talking about the suspects, a man and a woman have been reported to flee from the shooting scene at Solano Way and Broadmoor Avenue. 

Similarly, the mall has been blocked with yellow tape, which houses a Dollar General, Papi Clary’s Kitchen and a spa.

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