Celia Ward Death: Pedestrian Auriol Grey Arrested And Jailed For Killing Cyclist

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Celia Ward death has been widely reported, and a pedestrian named Auriol Grey has been arrested in connection with the incident.

Auriol Grey, a pedestrian, has been imprisoned for her violent actions towards a cyclist, resulting in the cyclist’s death in Huntingdon.

In October 2020, Grey was walking on the pavement on Nursery Road when she began gesturing and shouting at Celia Ward, who was approaching on her bike.

Grey demanded that Ward get off the pavement and throw her arm towards her, causing Ward to fall onto the road in front of an oncoming car.

Unfortunately, Ward died at the scene. After three years, Grey was found guilty by a jury at Peterborough Crown Court and sentenced by Judge Sean Enright.

The judge stated Grey had a territorial attitude toward the pavement and resented the cyclist’s presence. Keep reading to learn more about this grave incident.

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Celia Ward Death: What Happened With The Cyclist

Celia Ward was the cyclist killed by Auriol Grey’s violent actions in Huntingdon in 2020.

Grey shouted and gestured aggressively toward Ward, causing her to fall into the path of a car. Ward died at the scene.

Auriol Grey, a 49-year-old pedestrian, has been sentenced to three years in prison for the manslaughter of an elderly cyclist.

The Cambridgeshire Constabulary shared CCTV footage depicting Grey and clarified the whole case.

Late Celia Ward with her husband, David Ward (Source: The HUNTS Post)

Grey, partially sighted and with cerebral palsy, confronted the cyclist, who was riding on the pavement.

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She aggressively shouted at Mrs. Ward to “get off the fckng pavement,” causing her to fall into the path of a vehicle and die.

David Ward, the husband of Celia Ward, made a statement after Grey’s sentencing. According to him, Mrs. Ward was an experienced and competent cyclist.

He expressed his grief over losing his wife, to whom he was married for 53 years.

He described her as kind, calm, careful, cheerful, and competent in everything she did. The horrific way she was taken from him has left him with only memories of their time together.

According to him, “Her death has caused me great suffering. We relied on each other, shared the same humor and outlook on life, and enjoyed each other’s company. I miss her terribly.”

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Pedestrian Auriol Grey Arrested And Jailed For Killing Celia Ward

After causing Celia Ward’s death, Grey left the scene and went to a supermarket to do her shopping.

She was arrested the following day and claimed that the cyclist had been riding at high speed and she had flinched out with her arm to protect herself.

However, during the trial, it was revealed that Grey had given a dishonest account in her interview and showed no remorse until the day of sentencing.

Although there was uncertainty during the trial about whether the cyclist was riding on a shared-use path, the judge stated in the sentencing remarks that it was indeed a shared facility.

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Grey was found guilty by a jury at Peterborough Crown Court and sentenced for killing Celia WardGrey was found guilty by a jury at Peterborough Crown Court and sentenced for killing Celia Ward (Source: BBC)

Grey was arrested at her residence in Bradbury Place, Huntingdon, and stated during questioning that she had disabilities.

She spoke about having impaired vision and was concerned about being hit by the bike.

Following a trial at Peterborough Crown Court, Grey was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to three years in jail today.

Detective Sergeant Mark Dollard, who led the investigation, commented on the case, stating it was difficult and tragic.

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