Carolyn Krebs Missing News: Where Is The Woman Behind the City Worst Apartment Building?

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Carolyn Krebs missing news has been trending recently. Find out what happened to Toronto’s most hated landlord.

Carolyn Krebs, also known as Carolyn Goodman and Marian Linton, is the owner of an apartment tower in Toronto.

Further, she has been dubbed as one of the most hated landlords in the city.

The 14-story Dawes Road building, which Krebs owned, has faced numerous complaints, including 84 property standards complaints that Krebs currently faces.

These complaints range from holes in common area walls to crumbling balconies and rodent infestations.

Moreover, it addresses a wide range of issues, from rodent infestations to crumbling balconies and cracks in common area walls.

But, where is Carolyn Krebs? Why is she not doing anything to repair her building? Is she missing?

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Is Carolyn Krebs Missing?

No. Carolyn Krebs is not missing.

Krebs has been described as a woman with small stature light hair and weathered skin.

Carolyn Krebs isn’t missing but she uses multiple names, making it difficult to find her. (Image Source: Toronto Life)

At first glance, people might get the image of a kindly grandmother. But the reality is far from this benign facade.

Krebs, who also goes by the aliases Carolyn Goodman and Marian Linton, is known for her greed, cruelty, and vindictiveness.

As she used multiple names and identities, it’s challenging to be held responsible for the mistreatment of numerous low-income tenants as they don’t know her real name or where to find her.

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As the owner of the 14-storey apartment building at 500 Dawes Road, Krebs has become infamous in Toronto.

Krebs’ building has the dubious distinction of being one of the city’s worst apartment buildings and complained-about properties, with 595 grievances filed over the past six years.

Carolyn Krebs: The Evil Landlord

In the heart of the city, a building stands as a grim testament to the harsh realities of urban life.

Its residents, a vulnerable population, are subjected to living conditions that are far from ideal.

The building, known as 500 Dawes, is infested with bedbugs, roaches, and mice.

In addition, the ceilings leak, the windows are drafty, and when appliances break, repairs are slow to come, if they come at all.

The person responsible for this state of affairs is Carolyn Krebs. Her record is littered with instances of negligence and outright malfeasance.

Carolyn Krebs missingCarolyn Krebs is widely known as an evil landlord of Toronto. (Image Source: Toronto Life)

The landlord has been known to deny housing to tenants with disabilities, unjustly evict tenants, and even dispose of their belongings before they have a chance to retrieve them.

She has also been known to pressure employees into lying on her behalf in front of adjudicators.

Krebs has admitted to using aliases to evade her tenants.

The Master of Landlord Exploiting Desperate Tenants

As reported by Toronto Life, many of Krebs’s tenants are with a disability, earning a maximum of $1,300 per month.

For these individuals, 500 Dawes is their last resort, a step away from a shelter or the streets.

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Krebs, however, has found a way to profit from this marginalized population, exploiting their lack of resources to fight back.

This disturbing situation is brought to light by journalist Rachel Browne in an investigative exposé.

Her report comes at a time of unprecedented tension between renters and landlords. The cost of living continues to rise, while wages remain stagnant.

Rachel Browne’s investigative piece provides a deep dive into the persona of Krebs, her methods, and her location.

The revelations from her report are as captivating as they are unsettling: Krebs is not alone in her exploitation of desperate tenants, she has simply mastered the technique.

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