Cameron Herrin Mugshot: Is He In Jail? Arrest And Charge

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Cameron Herrin mugshot was widely circulated after he was arrested for his involvement in a fatal street racing accident in Florida.

Cameron is a young man involved in a fatal street racing accident in Tampa, Florida, where a mother and her toddler were killed. 

Herrin was a student at the University of Tampa at the time of the incident and was reportedly studying entrepreneurship.

Herrin gained popularity on social media platforms, including TikTok, during his custody after his arrest. 

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Cameron Herrin Mugshot: Is He In Jail?

Cameron Herrin and his friend John Barrineau got involved in a fatal street racing accident on Bayshore Boulevard.

Jessica Raubenolt, who was crossing the road with her 20-month-old daughter in a stroller, was hit by Herrin’s new Ford Mustang.

Raubenolt was killed instantly, and her daughter Lillia died a day later. The legal proceedings following the accident have been slow, with the prosecution and defense disputing various aspects of the case. 

A photograph of David Raubenolt, Jessica Raubenolt, and their daughter Lillia. (Image Source: The Daily Record)

In December 2019, David Raubenolt, the victim’s husband, made an emotional plea for the judge to expedite the case.

But later, in April 2021, he was sentenced to 24 years. But Herrin’s lawyer filed a motion to reduce his sentence by claiming that the 24-year sentence was excessively harsh and that a 10 to 12-year sentence would have been appropriate.

Herrin’s lawyer argued that Warren’s statements should be considered as he was the “chief law enforcement officer” and a “minister of justice.”

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However, Hillsborough Circuit Judge Christopher Nash rejected the motion, stating that a trial court had the right to ignore the opinions and recommendations of prosecutors.

“In back-to-back sentences in his court filing, the defense attorney says I was ‘ok’ with and rejected a 10- to 12-year sentence. That makes no sense,” Warren said.

So, he was sentenced to 24 years, and more information regarding the case has not been publicly shared. 

Arrest And Charges Against Cameron Herrin

Herrin was arrested and charged with two counts of vehicular homicide and reckless driving causing serious bodily injury in a fatal street racing accident on Bayshore Boulevard in Tampa, Florida, in May 2018.

Herrin was 18 years old at the time of the accident and was driving a new Ford Mustang, a recent graduation present.

Jessica Raubenolt, 24, and her 21-month-old daughter, Lillia, were killed in the accident, while Raubenolt’s husband, David, was injured.

Cameron Herrin was given a 24-year prison sentence for a 2018 Bayshore crash that resulted in the deaths of a mother and her baby.Cameron Herrin was given a 24-year prison sentence for a 2018 Bayshore crash that resulted in the deaths of a mother and her baby. (Image Source:

Later it was revealed that Herrin, his friend, and fellow high school student, John Barrineau, were also charged with the accident as they were competing when they hit their car and killed two people.

In April 2021, a judge sentenced Cameron Herrin to 24 years in prison, six years short of the maximum possible sentence of 30 years.

The victim’s husband worked for the justice of his wife and daughter. He fought for them, and the case was disclosed after sentencing Herrin to 24 years of jail.

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The pictures of the victim were circulated all over the Internet, and people were sending prayers to the family and the husband of the victim. 

The case gained national and international attention, and many people believed and supported David Raubenolt, the father of the 20-month-old girl. 

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