Buffalo Bills QB: Josh Allen Tattoo: How Many Does He Have? Meaning And Design

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There has been significant curiosity about Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen tattoo as he is shining bright on the football field.

Josh Allen, the dynamic quarterback of the Buffalo Bills, is known for his prowess on the field.

Since starting his NFL career in 2018, the California native has been making waves. In addition, he has garnered a huge fanbase across the nation.

In the world of sports, athletes often express their personal stories and passions through body art.

Allen’s fans are eager to learn about his tattoos. Let’s find out how many body arts this talented athlete has while exploring their meaning, and design.

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Josh Allen Tattoo: Meaning And Design

Despite the curiosity of fans and the public, there is no visible evidence or information to suggest that Josh Allen has any tattoos.

Tattoos are often seen as a personal canvas, a way for individuals to express their personal stories, passions, and journeys.

In the sports world, they are popular as many individuals choose to express themselves through this form of body art.

However, in the case of Josh Allen, the Wisconsin native has not shared any details about having tattoos, leading us to assume that he does not have any.

But who knows? Perhaps in the future, Allen might also develop an interest in tattoos. But for now, the focus remains on his impressive career and contribution to the game.

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Nevertheless, while Josh Allen does not appear to have any tattoos, his impact on his fans and the sport is undeniable.

Josh Allen Has Inspired Unique Tattoos Among Fans

While Allen himself may not have any tattoos, his influence is evident in the body art of his fans.

Some fans have chosen to express their admiration for Allen through tattoos, such as his jersey number or even creative representations of Allen himself.

1. The Giant No. 17 Tattoo

Frederick “Fritz” Sakran III, a passionate Bills fan, marked his devotion to the team by getting a large “17” tattooed on his back on 23 June 2021.

Fritz Sakran showing his tattoo. (Imae Source: Buffalo News)

Fritz’s decision to get the tattoo stems from his deep admiration for the team, despite its past struggles.

He sees the tattoo as a symbol of his unwavering support and the transformative impact the team has had on his life.

Moreover, Fritz disclosed that he often faces questions about his decision to leave the tattoo unfilled.

His vision is to have Josh Allen’s signature tattooed above the “17”, replicating its placement on Allen’s jersey, if he ever gets the chance to meet him.

Furthermore, Fritz dreams of commemorating a Bills’ Lombardi Trophy victory by adding an image of Josh kissing the trophy within the “17”.

2. Josh Allen Butt Tattoo

Tattoos symbolizing the Buffalo Bills are a testament to the dedication of their fans.

Josh Allen TattooThis Josh Allen “Butt” tattoo took the internet by storm. (Image Source: X)

However, one particular fan from the Bills Mafia expressed his admiration for Josh Allen in a rather unconventional and potentially awkward manner.

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As reported by WYRK, this fan decided to get a tattoo of Josh Allen, illustrated with low-slung pants and a crop-top jersey.

This unique choice of body art quickly gained attention on the internet, sparking a flurry of amused comments.

One online user humorously pointed out the exaggerated bulge in the tattoo, referring to it as the “creepy-hilarious cherry on top.”

Another user said, “For me, this is just a hairy armpit.” This incident serves as a reminder of the lengths some fans will go to express their support.

3. Air Allen Tattoo

In a game that captured the attention of the nation, Buffalo Bills’ star, Josh Allen, made an athletic leap over Anthony Barr, a linebacker from the Vikings, in September 2018.

This spectacular jump not only demonstrated Allen’s agility but also propelled the Bills to their inaugural victory of the season.

This memorable moment resonated with many, but for one fan, it held a special significance.

Michael Bongiovanni, a dedicated Bills supporter, decided to immortalize this event in a unique way – through a tattoo.

He proposed the idea on Facebook, pledging to get the “Air Allen” tattoo if his post received 100 likes.

The response was overwhelming, with his goal being achieved in less than sixty minutes.

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