Boxer Ebanie Bridges Leaked Video And Photo: What Is The Story About?

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The subject of Ebanie Bridges Leaked Video is rapidly gaining traction on the Internet following the blonde boxer’s disclosure of some personal details. 

Ebanie Bridges, born in 1986, is an Australian professional boxer named the ‘Blonde Bomber.’ She held the IBF female bantamweight title from 2022 to 2023.

Bridges participated in the women’s bantamweight division in her amateur career at the 2016 and 2017 Australasian Golden Gloves, clinching gold medals on both occasions.

She has gained attention for her boxing prowess and for challenging stereotypes with her glamorous and outspoken personality.

Coached by Arnel “Bomber” Barotillo, Bridges actively advocates for women’s boxing while competing in the bantamweight division.

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Boxer Ebanie Bridges Leaked Video And Photo: What Happened?

While numerous links are circulating online regarding Ebanie Bridges’ nudity and leaked videos, it’s essential to clarify that any such content has been shared with her consent.

There is no credible evidence of sensitive photos or videos being leaked unauthorizedly.

However, recent news headlines focus on Bridges’ sex confessions, where she discussed various intimate topics, including kissing Elle Brooke and expressing her preferences.

Daily Star Sport explored Bridges’ 10 wildest sex confessions, detailing moments that garnered attention and contributed to her rising popularity.

Ebanie Bridges has gained more fame after getting closer to Conor McGregor this year (Source: Daily Star)

From provocative lingerie photos to launching her own page on an adult subscription service, Bridges has embraced her sex symbol status with cheeky humor.

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These revelations and her engagement with one million social media followers have undoubtedly played a role in elevating her profile in the current context.

In her personal life, Ebanie Bridges holds a position as a qualified mathematics teacher at Airds High School, residing in Dural, New South Wales.

While pursuing her passion for boxing as an amateur, Bridges earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Western Sydney University.

She later achieved a Master’s degree in Teaching, graduating at the top of her class. Bridges also holds a black belt in Karate and is fluent in different languages.

Beyond her academic and athletic achievements, Bridges participated in the fourth season of SAS Australia, exiting the competition in episode 11.

She is an avid supporter of English Championship side Leeds United. Notably, Bridges serves as the trainer for OnlyFans influencer Elle Brooke.

What Is The Story About The Boxer Ebanie Bridges Stirring The Internet?

In a surprising turn of events, Australian boxing sensation Ebanie Bridges faced a major upset in her world title fight against Japanese underdog Miyo Yoshida.

Stepping in on two weeks’ notice, Yoshida unanimously claimed the IBF bantamweight title.

The judges delivered a decisive verdict heavily favoring Yoshida with scores of 99-91 (twice) and 97-93.

This decisive scoring highlights Yoshida’s exceptional performance, standing out during the undercard event for the Devin Haney and Regis Prograis title fight.

The bout took place at the prestigious Chase Center in San Francisco, where Yoshida’s prowess in the ring captured attention and marked a significant moment in her career.

Ebanie Bridges Leaked VideoEbanie Bridges encountered a significant upset in her world title bout against Miyo Yoshida (Source: LockerRoom India)

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Despite a controversial moment where Yoshida landed a punch after the bell in the fifth round, no action was taken, and the judges recognized her overall dominance.

Punch statistics revealed Yoshida’s superiority, with 122 power shots landed compared to Bridges’ 66.

The defeat marks the end of Ebanie Bridges’ 21-month reign as the IBF bantamweight champion.

The bout showcased Bridges’ struggle to find her rhythm, and at 37 years old, her career now faces a crossroads.

Commentators were surprised as Yoshida’s one-sided performance turned the anticipated exhibition fight for Bridges in the United States into a disaster for her.

The defeat signals a significant setback for Bridges, who hadn’t fought since her first title defense in December 2022 against Shannon O’Connell.

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