Benjamin Shuman Murder Accusation: Arrest Charge And Family

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Learn about Benjamin Shuman Murder Accusation. What are his arrest charges? Let’s find out.

Benjamin Shuman was accused of murdering his cellmate, Jason Douglas Wright, at Yatala Labor Prison in Adelaide’s north.

Officials strongly believe it was Shuman who murdered Jason because there is less possibility of anything else happening since the two shared the same cell. 

However, the alleged murderer’s lawyer claims that his client intended to apply for bail as he is undergoing mental health treatment.

Benjamin couldn’t even attend his court hearing because he was receiving mental health treatment.

Shuman reportedly comes from a rich-business family, so even the hefty bail amounts can get him out of custody. 

Get more insights on the murder case and what exactly happened in the Yatala Labor prison. Also, meet the alleged murderer’s family. 

Benjamin Shuman Murder Accusation: What Are His Arrest Charges?

Benjamin Shuman was accused of murdering his cellmate in the South Australian jail. However, the details surrounding his previous arrest have not been revealed to the media or the general public. 

Jason Douglas Wright, 52, was found dead in his cell at Yatala Labor Prison in Adelaide’s north on Saturday night. Benjamin was charged with his murder since the man was his cellmate.

The alleged murderer of Douglas Wright is set to apply for bail at the next court hearing. (Image Source: The Advertiser)

After a brief court appearance, a man accused of killing his cellmate in a South Australian jail was remanded in custody.

Mr. Shuman did not appear in court for the brief hearing, but his attorney stated that his client was receiving mental health care.

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The attorney informed the judge that his client planned to request bail. The case is scheduled to return to court in a week.

Benjamin Shuman Family: Meet The Parents Of A Man Accused Of Murder

There is only a little information about Benjamin Shuman’s family on the internet. The identity of the prisoner’s parents has not been revealed yet. 

The professional life of the alleged murderer is also a mystery as of now. However, a source on the internet suggests that the Shuman family owns an iconic Adelaide business.  

Benjamin Shuman MurderBenjamin Shuman is suspected of killing a cellmate. (Source: Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Benjamin was born in the Shuman family in 1990. However, his exact birth details are not available for public disclosure. 

He was raised in Adelaide and spent most of his childhood there alongside his family. According to his lawyer, Benjamin is a subject of mental health, and he is currently receiving treatments for it.

As a result, the alleged murderer didn’t even appear in court for his hearing. 

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Yatala Labor Prison Murder Case: What Actually Happened?

Police stated that Mr. Wright was discovered unconscious in his Yatala cell on Saturday at 5:30 pm. Benjamin is accused of knocking Wright unconscious by the officials. 

Police correctional officers, forensic investigators, and major crime detectives were at the high-security prison.

According to David Brown, the Chief Executive of the Department for Correctional Services, both men were detained when the incident took place.

“The Remand Centre is the primary receiving center for metropolitan Adelaide,” he said earlier on Monday. “However, after that initial reception and assessment, if someone is on remand for some time, they will move on to a site like Yatala.”

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Mr. Brown stated that a “forensic investigation” would now be conducted on the situation.

“A medical emergency alarm was raised at Yatala Labour Prison; staff responded to that alert, located the victim, and provided immediate emergency first aid alongside the prison health staff,” he said.

“Ambulance [crews] responded, but unfortunately, their attempts to revive the victim were unsuccessful.”

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