Ashley Lopez, Texas Mother Of 5 Killed Protecting Her Daughter From Bullies

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A Texas woman, Ashley Lopez, a mother of five kids, was killed while protecting her daughter from bullies. 

28-year-old Lopez was run over by a car during a street fight in San Antonio, Texas. Another woman, who was also run over, sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

Lopes, who was in her house, came out when her 11-year-old daughter’s bullies came to confront her.

After a fight erupted in the street for a while, Pennie Gomez got to her silver Hyundai Sonata and charged toward the crowd.

Despite resistance from the people on the street, she ran over Ashley and the other woman, and dragged their bodies several feet.

She then fled the crime scene but was later arrested by the San Antonio Police for murder and aggrevated assault with a deadly weapon.

Ashley Lopez Texas Mother Of 5 Killed

Ashley Lopez was a Texan woman, a mother of five, who was killed in a street fight.

She was mowed by a vehicle driven by a 36-year-old woman named Pennie Gomez.

The incident took place in San Antonio, Texas, on the evening of Wednesday, January 11. Another woman was also run over, but survived after sustaining injuries.

Ashley Lopez was a Texas mother Of 5 kids, killed in a hit-and-run. (Source: NY Post)

Lopez’s family remembered her as a sweet daughter and a loving mother of her children.

Her mother Ana Blanco said that her 11-year-old granddaughter was being bullied by kids from school. 

The house is located near Angela Walk and South Picoso Street. When the fight broke out in the street, Pennie went to her car and drove towards the crowd.

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Ashley’s sister-in-law Andrea Mata said that she didn’t known who Pennie was and there was no bad blood between her and Ashley.

The 28-year-old’s family is looking for money to cover the funeral costs. No information about her partner has been revealed.

It is not clear whether Ashley was married, and the father of the five kids also have not been revealed.

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Pennie Gomez Arrested For Hit-And-Run

Gomez has already been arrested by San Antonio police for hit-and-run.

The arrest affidavit states that at least five witnesses saw Gomez intentionally driving into the crowd.

People were hitting the car and telling her to stop. But the 28-year-old wouldn’t stop and continue driving.

Her silver Hyundai Sonata dragged Lopez and the other woman several feet.

The car contained another two passengers who got out and returned to the crime scene to corroborate.

penniePennie Gomez has been arrested for the murder of Ashley Lopez. (Source: NY Post)

Gomez then took off with her car. Cellphone footage of the incident have been provided to authorities.

Ashley’s family said that they did not know Pennie Gonez, but thought that her daughter was in the victim’s house during the hit-and-run.

An investigation found that Pennie Gomez was wanted on unrelated charges. She also faces charges of drug possession.

On Thursday, her arrest warrants for charges of murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. 

The killer, Pennie Gomez, is currently being held on $251,000 bond. 

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