Angel Locsin Leaked Video And Scandal: Why She Is Trending On Internet?

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Angel Locsin leaked video is one of the most searched topics on the web. Find out everything about her scandal in this writing.

Angel Locsin is a well-known Filipina actress, model, film producer, and philanthropist who gained widespread recognition for her acting talent, versatility, and dedication to her craft.

She started her career as a commercial model before transitioning to acting. Besides, Locsin made her television debut in the youth-oriented series Click in the early 2000s.

Her breakthrough role came in 2004 when she portrayed the iconic superheroine Darna in a TV adaptation. Throughout her career, she has starred in numerous television series and films.

Apart from her professional work, Angel was once a hot topic when online users started searching for her leaked video which is again trending on the internet sources.

Angel Locsin Leaked Video Goes Viral

Angel Locsin leaked video has gone viral on the internet sources. It’s been a while since people online have been searching for videos related to the actress.

In the viral video, a lady can be seen having an intimate moment. After exploring her appearance, many people assumed that Locsin was the person in the viral tape.

Angel Locsin leaked video went viral on various online platforms in the past. ( Source: Rappler )

Following that, multiple online portals also made news about it saying that Angel was having an explicit moment which left everyone shocked.

Meanwhile, the video is from the past and it often makes rounds on the internet sources. Apart from that, online users are eager to know more about the scandal which has been explained below.

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Angel Locsin Scandal And Controversy Explained

Angel Locsin scandal pulled her into the middle of controversy. As stated earlier, she made headlines after online sources started sharing a video related to her.

However, it was reported that the lady seen in the explicit video was not Angel. The girl was reported to be Angel’s look-alike and is said to be an adult movie star.

Angel Locsin ScandalAngel Locsin made headlines after online sources started sharing a video related to her. ( Source: Rappler )

The video is of an adult movie personality named Natt Chanapa. Both of them appear to have the same face and that was the reason why people said Angel was the lady in the video.

On the other hand, a photo of Angel also went viral on social media in which her private part was exposed. It appears that the photo was edited.

Angel Locsin Responds To Her Viral Video

When a video related to Angel Locsin was shared, people began making various speculations. After receiving tons of messages, Locsin later addressed the matter.

Locsin repeatedly denied the allegations, with her representative saying that the accusations were attempts to ruin her name.

As said earlier, the viral video is of an adult movie personality whose appearance is the same as Angel. On the other side, an edited photo also went viral on social media.

Angel Locsin RespondsAngel Locsin has already responded to her viral video denying everything. ( Source: Instagram )

However, Locsin has not said anything about her viral photo. Addressing the rumors of her leaked video, she said, “I hope you’ll believe that it’s not really me because I’m really tired of explaining that it’s not really me.”

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She continued, “It’s hard, eh, that I look like a liar so I’m explaining.” Angel was asked about filing charges to which she said, “Maybe if it continues, but right now I’m not thinking about that.”

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