Ammon Mcneely Death And Obituary: American Rock Climber Died In Accident

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People are devastated by hearing the news of Ammon Mcneely death. Let’s dive deep to learn more details regarding Ammon Mcneely death.

Ammon McNeely, an American rock climber, has the most world records for speed climbing and the first one-day ascents of Yosemite’s El Capitan.

BASE jumping, wingsuit flying, skydiving, surfing, skateboarding, trail running, mountain biking, and snowboarding were among his other passions.

Ammon led numerous ascents of El Capitan, the majority of them taking place in a day: Plastic Surgery Disaster, Wall of the Early Morning Light, Atlantic Ocean Wall, and most recently, climbing one of El Capitan’s hardest routes, The Reticent Wall, with Dean Potter and Ivo Ninov in 34 hours and 57 minutes, shaving the previous time by more than five days.

Now get to learn more details regarding Ammon Mcneely death.

Ammon Mcneely Death And Obituary

Ammon McNeely, one of Yosemite’s most famous big wall speed climbers, passed away at 52.

Although there are no documented details of the incident, individuals close to McNeely claim that he went down a cliff near Moab, although it had nothing to do with climbing.

McNeely climbed over 60 pitches on El Capitan in the Valley and stayed on the wall for hundreds of days.

Yosemite photographer Tom Evans said, “McNeely was a driving force for wall climbers in Yosemite for many years.”

He had a distinct personality and was revered by all climbers in Yosemite and elsewhere. In the Valley, he will be missed and remembered. My sympathies to family and friends.

El Capitan speed ascents by McNeely are many and outstanding. With Chris McNamara in 2004, Brian McCray completed the first one-day ascents of numerous routes, including the Wall of Early Morning Light and the Atlantic Ocean Wall.

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Ammon Mcneely death has been a topic of interest for many people out there. (Source: Gripped Magazine )

The Reticent Wall was scaled by McNeely, Dean Potter, and Ivo Ninov in 2006 in 34 hours and 57 minutes, beating the previous record by five days.

Moreover, he made the fastest ascent of Scorched Earth in 2011 with Skiy Detray and David Allfrey.

In Zion, McNeely set a record for the fastest ascent of the Streaked Wall’s three routes—Latitudes 5.9 A4+, Rodeo Queen 5.10 A4+, and Tale of the Scorpion 5.10A3+—in a single day.

He is well-known for his daring BASE jumps and has been in multiple accidents, one of which resulted in losing his right leg below the knee in 2017.

American Rock Climber Died In an Accident

Ammon McNeely, one of Yosemite’s most famous big wall speed climbers, passed away at 52.

McNeely put his leg under a tourniquet using a piece of his BASE gear since blood was “squirting everywhere.”

He told his friends over the phone that he might pass out and needed a helicopter rescue.

Ammon Mcneely deathLegendary Yosemite Climber Ammon McNeely Dies. (Source: Gripped Magazine)

About 45 minutes later, his EMT friend Dave, Brent, Andy, and a few Moab locals found him on the ledge, where they secured lines and drilled a three-bolt anchor before search and rescue personnel arrived.

McNeely believes that his quick thinking and action saved his life. By the time the chopper took him to the hospital, he had lost three quarts of blood.

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