Alberta Basaglia Wikipedia And Biografia: Meet Her Figlia

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People are curious to learn about Alberta Basaglia Wikipedia. Find out more about the psychologist in detail through the article. 

Alberta Basaglia is the daughter of Franco Basaglia. Franco Basaglia was an Italian psychiatrist who played a crucial role in the Italian psychiatric reform movement, leading to the Basaglia Law’s passage in 1978.

The law abolished mental hospitals in Italy and established community-based mental health services.

Alberta grew up in an environment where her parents, who were both psychiatrists, discussed and worked towards transforming the psychiatric system in Italy.

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Alberta Basaglia Wikipedia And Biografia

Basaglia is currently a psychologist and leads the Youth Participation and Culture of Peace Service of the Municipality of Venice. She has also led the Women’s Center and the Anti-Violence Center since 1980.

Although initially fascinated by technical-scientific subjects and considered engineering a career, she ultimately decided to follow in her parent’s footsteps and study psychology.

She was reminded of her father’s legacy during her studies and found it challenging. However, she persisted and graduated with her father, Franco Basaglia, in the audience.

In an interview on mental health, Alberta Basaglia talks about how her work in psychology has taken her in a different direction from her father’s model. (Image Source: Open)

The Basaglia law, approved in 1978, opened the doors of asylums and restored dignity to those locked up in inhumane conditions. While this was a significant step forward, Alberta believes the revolution is incomplete.

She believes revolutions are ongoing and must continually transform to achieve their goals. Many people still do not have rights, including migrants, and psychiatry has a lot of work to do.

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Alberta fears the risk of going backward and stresses the importance of monitoring progress to ensure no one is left behind.

Alberta’s parents never gave up on her and encouraged her to live her life to the fullest. She had a very supportive family who was there for her every day in hard and good times. 

Even when they were told she would go blind, they refused to accept it and allowed her to go skiing. When her mother asked how she skied, Alberta simply said she closed her eyes and went for it.

Her mother was thrilled but never stopped her from doing what she wanted. Alberta’s upbringing taught her that there were many ways to live and that nothing was impossible.

Meet Alberta Basaglia Figlia (Daughter) 

Alberta Basaglia is the daughter of Franco Basaglia, an Italian psychiatrist and the principal architect of the Italian psychiatric reform movement. This led to the closure of psychiatric hospitals in Italy in the late 1970s.

Alberta Basaglia had a unique childhood compared to others, as she grew up in a home where her father’s psychiatric patients frequently visited.

Franco Basaglia father of psychologist and leads the Youth Participation Alberta Basaglia.Franco Basaglia, father of psychologist and leads the Youth Participation Alberta Basaglia. (Image Source: La Repubblica)

The subject of mental illness was often discussed in their living room, where her parents laid the groundwork for the revolution in psychiatry.

Throughout her life, Alberta has struggled with the weight of her father’s legacy, but at the same time, she has followed in his footsteps.

She became a psychologist, worked in nursery schools, and later led the Women’s Center and Anti-Violence Center of the Municipality of Venice.

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Alberta is now separated and has a daughter, and she recognizes her father’s tremendous importance in shaping her life.

There is no detailed information about Alberta’s daughter shared in public, and she has preferred to keep her information away from the eyes of the media. 

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