Alabama Shooting: Who Is Philstavious Dowdell Grandmother Annette Allen? Family Tree

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Philstavious “Phil” Dowdell grandmother, Annette Allen, identified him after he was shot dead at an Alabama mass shooting at a birthday party.

A mass shooting that occurred at a birthday party in the United States, Alabama, killed four. In addition, Twenty-eight people reportedly suffered injuries.

The incident occurred on Saturday in the city of Dadeville at Mahogany Masterpiece Dance Studio. Phil Dowdell, also known as Philstavious Dowdell, has been identified as one of the victims of the mass shooting.

After the tragedy, President Joe Biden reaffirmed his calls for stricter gun legislation. “What has happened to our country that kids can’t attend a birthday celebration without getting scared?” in a statement made public by the White House on Sunday, Mr. Biden asked the question.

Phil Dowdell’s family is left devastated and unfathomable by the tragedy.

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Alabama Shooting: Who Is Philstavious Dowdell Grandmother Annette Allen? Family Tree

Annette Allen is the grandmother of the Alabama mass shooting, Philstavious “Phil” Dowdell.

The victim was identified by his grandmother. Annette Allen disclosed that Phil was a Dadeville High School senior. According to his grandmother, the young victim was committed to Jacksonville State University on an American football scholarship.

Philstavious Dowdell dead victim of birthday party mass shooting. (Image Source: ABC News)

Phil Dowdell was at his sister Alexis’s birthday party when he was shot to death.

“He was a very, very humble child. Never messed with anyone. “He had a million-dollar smile,” Allen told the publication.

Phil Dowdell’s mother was one of those injured in the shooting. “Everybody is grieving,” Allen stated.

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“One of the young guys that were killed was one of our outstanding athletes and simply a fantastic man,” stated Pastor Ben Hayes, who is also a chaplain for the Dadeville Police Department and the neighborhood high school football team.

I Knew many of these students, said Hayes. He further remarked that the incident would affect everyone in the area.

Are The Suspects of The Alabama Shooting Arrested?

Sgt. Jeremy Burkett of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency didn’t accept questions during the two press conferences on Sunday.

He didn’t mention whether a suspect was in custody or whether the police were aware of any possible motives. He did not give the victims’ names.

During a press conference on Sunday evening, Burkett stated, “We’ve got to have information from the community.” Burkett disclosed that the mass shooting occurred around 10:30 pm Saturday (15 April 2023).

Philstavious Dowdell GrandmotherCommunity members in Dadeville, Alabama, comforted one another. (Image Source: BBC)

The entire city is in shock following the unfortunate incident.

The birthday celebration was temporarily interrupted when participants heard that someone had a gun, according to Keenan Cooper, the DJ who was there, who spoke to WBMA-TV.

The DJ claimed that even though persons with guns were requested to leave, nobody did. Cooper also said that when the shooting started later, some people took cover beneath the table where he was standing while others fled.

As per the pastor Jason Whetstone, the granddaughter of one of the members of the Christian Faith Fellowship was shot in the foot and underwent surgery on Sunday.

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The Dadeville Alabama Community Is Mourning

The entire Alabama community is in shock following the devastating incident and is mourning.

Before an ecumenical vigil at the First Baptist Church’s parking lot, Pastor Whetstone said, “All of our hearts are hurting. We are just trying to pull together to find comfort and strength.”

“We are a loving community,” he remarked. To console all of these children, the instructors, and the entire community, “We’re working together in every aspect,” added the pastor.

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