Alabama Cat Ladies Arrested, Alston And Beverly Roberts Charged For Trespassing On Public Property To Feed Cats

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Alabama Cat Ladies were arrested after six months after their first arrest for feeding stray cats. Get to know about the recent arrest in December.

Multiple videos were getting viral about the cat ladies Alston and Roberts getting arrested in June. 

In March, local Police warned Roberts to stop feeding cats on courthouse property.

But they did not stop, and in June, both she and Alston were arrested on county-owned property near the courthouse after they were seen feeding cats on public property.

In the video, a Police officer warned Alston not to be back at the place, or she would get arrested; then again, after one or two hours, Police arrived at the exact location and found both of them feeding cats. 

Police immediately arrested both of them, and after being handcuffed, Alston called one of the Police “son of a bitch” which was apparent in the video.

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Alabama Cat Ladies Arrested, Alston And Beverly Roberts Charged For Trespassing To Feed Cats

Beverly Roberts, 85, and Mary Alston, 61, had been feeding and trapping cats on the grounds of the Elmore County Courthouse in the city of Wetumpka for more than six months. 

They were warned not to be back at the property more than three times, and after being warned many times, Police finally arrested them.

Women Convicted Of Criminal Trespassing For Feeding Cats On County Property. (Image Source: Montgomery Advertiser)

The main reason they trapped the cat was to get them spayed or neutered and then either find the cat’s new homes or return them to the area.

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Trapping, neutering, and returning cats is a common technique aimed at reducing the outdoor cat population, typically in cases where the cats are too feral to adjust to an indoor home.

As per the Police report, Robert told Police that she had trapped and returned 23 cats till now.

After the woman was arrested, many locals were interviewed, and they mentioned But some local officials said that the food set out for the felines attracted more cats. Along with cats, other animals were also arrested by the food.

Beverly Roberts, 85, and Mary Alston, 61, known as Alabama Cat Ladies, were sentenced to two years of unsupervised parole on December 19, 2022.

Also, both of them were charged a $100 fine each, and hopefully, more investigation or news regarding the cat ladies will stay put.

Roberts and Alston will get out of prison in the year 2025. Although they tried to do something good for the environment, it was illegal.

Feeding cats was probably not illegal, but feeding them in public places and trapping them was unlawful.

After the video went viral, the two women caught the attention of national animal rights organizations. They say trapping feral cats to have them neutered is a successful way to stop the stray cat problem.

“Compassion is not a crime,” said Alice Burton, director of programs for Alley Cat Allies. “These are good Samaritans that should be applauded and not handcuffed.”

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