Zakir Naik Arrested In Oman: Where Is Indian Televangelist Now Jail Or Prison?

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A lot of news about Zakir Naik arrest has been circulating online, and many people have been sharing their thoughts on the matter.

Zakir Naik is an Islamic preacher and televangelist from India. He is also the founder of the Islamic Research Foundation and Peace TV.

Naik is a prominent Islamic preacher who has gained attention for his controversial statements on various topics related to Islam and other religions.

Although he does not align with any particular Islamic school of thought, he is often associated with the Salafi school of thought.

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Zakir Naik Arrested In Oman

According to recent reports, there is a possibility that the controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik may be brought back to India. 

The news suggests that Indian agencies are contacting Oman authorities to take Naik into custody and deport him to India.

Naik was ordered to be in Oman on March 23 and 25; he was arrested but later released from Oman. 

But he will be able to leave the country before he appears in two lectures in Oman in March. 

Zakir Naik, a fugitive since 2016, was arrested in Oman. Indian intelligence is working with Oman to deport him to India. (Image Source: India Posts English)

Naik has been accused of money laundering and hate speech in India and has been residing in Malaysia since 2017, where he is currently in exile.

It is possible that Zakir Naik will be released from the custody of Omani authorities and sent back to India to face the charges of money laundering and hate speech against him.

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Where Is Indian Televangelist Now Jail Or Prison?

Naik has been following up with Omani authorities, and he is in jail and is ordered to be present for the lecture on March 23. 

The lecture secluded tomorrow might reveal what charges he might face, or he might return to India, get facelifts, and be sentenced for a lifetime. 

The lecture is titled ‘The Holy Qur’an is a Global Necessity.’ Additionally, the ministry, in cooperation with Sultan Qaboos University, has scheduled another lesson for March 25.

Zakir Naik was prohibited from delivering public speeches in Malaysia.Zakir Naik was prohibited from delivering public speeches in Malaysia. (Image Source:

A statement issued by the Ministry of Oman said, “The Ministry represented by the Department of Introducing Islam and Cultural Exchange in the Iftaa office is organizing a lecture by the preacher Dr. Zakir Naik.”

He is currently not in jail or prison, although he has been charged with various illegal things in India. 

Indian authorities are ensuring he does not run off and asking permission to return him to India. 

If Naik is sent to India, then he might face some time in prison. People have been waiting for him to return to India, as he is banned in a different country. 

He has been accused of promoting religious extremism and hate speech and banned from entering several countries, including Canada, Bangladesh, and the UK.

Indian authorities charged him with money laundering while he was abroad in Malaysia. Naik did not return to India and has lived in Malaysia in exile since then.

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Besides being a controversial figure, his speeches and lectures have been widely viewed online and on television, and he has been invited to speak at various events and conferences.

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