Yellowstone: Does Kayce Cheat On Monica? Why Did They Break Up

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Does Kayce Cheat On Monica? The most searched question by the Yellowstone viewers is why Kayce and Monica broke up. 

In the show, Monica is Tate’s mother and is wed to Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes). The teacher is still dealing with conflicts between the Yellowstone Ranch, the Dutton family, and the Broken Rock Native Americans in the most recent season.

The character expects her second kid in the second episode of the new Paramount series.

Even though her husband had already phoned for an ambulance to take her, she can be seen driving wildly to the hospital.

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For the sake of her safety and the safety of her unborn kid, many Yellowstone fans believed that she was doing very recklessly by choosing to drive.

Yellowstone: Does Kayce Cheat On Monica? 

Kayce and Monica Dutton have clashed during each season of Yellowstone over just about every issue.

The leading cause of the problems is Kayce’s secrecy toward Monica, although Monica only wants her husband to be informed.

She may occasionally chastise Kayce for killing someone, but she also has a dark side that leads Kayce to swear he would kill whoever took Tate from them.

Kayce And Monica In The Series Yellowstone (Source: The Cinemaholic)

Monica despises John Dutton as well. Any relationship will suffer if you can’t get along with the in-laws.

She particularly hates Kayce’s behavior when he is among them, how he begins to act, and the mischief he gets into on the ranch.

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Additionally, the two have previously broken up, with Monica moving out on her own and going out on a date with a different guy. In any case, our beloved Kayce has consistently gotten her respect.

Why Did Kayce And Monica Break Up?  

The program’s fourth season centers on Kayce’s attempts to leave Yellowstone to repair his relationship with Monica and their son Tate Dutton.

He relocates to a new residence with Monica and Tate while he waits for the birth of his second child. 

But questions about their future union are raised by Kayce’s admission that he saw the couple’s breakup. With Avery in his life, the “end” might spell their relationship’s end. 

Kayce sees him kissing Avery in his dreams. He must think that at some point, he will be open to Avery’s affections for him, and that will change his relationship with Monica.

Kayce might wish to visit his father, John Dutton, in Yellowstone again. He informs John before leaving the ranch that he won’t be staying there forever. 

It might not be a good idea for him to return to Yellowstone because he is expected to keep his word, especially because Monica is still reeling from losing her kid. 

She had an accident and lost her second kid in the opening episode of the fifth season.

She battles the discomfort of the same in the second episode of the season. Since he is powerless to ease his wife’s suffering, Kayce is left with no choice but to watch the same events unfold.

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Kayce and Monica may no longer be close due to Monica’s suffering, which could impair their bond. They might even drift away if Kayce can’t help returning to the ranch.

Therefore, if Kayce wants to stay with Monica forever, he must remain faithful to her despite her suffering. 

Despite the deadly wars John is engaged in with Market Equities, he might need to put his wife’s needs first.

In addition, Kayce must have recognized in his visions the necessity of distancing himself from Monica and Tate to safeguard them. 

Only because Monica and Tate were staying at John’s ranch do their lives in the third season finale come under threat.

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Every Dutton’s life is in danger as John and Market’s Equities continue their battle for Yellowstone.

His realization that he should withdraw from Monica and Tate if he wants to ensure their survival without danger must have come from Kayce’s visions. The actor who plays Kayce, Luke Grimes, made similar jokes in an interview.

“I think the whole purpose is that you are left wondering what it meant.

Was it because they split up? Was it a death oath? We are unsure of the true meaning of “the end of us.”

Grimes told ET Online, “I think there’s a little more clarity on what that was all about in season 5.”

As a result, Kayce’s decisions will significantly impact whether Monica and Kayce remain together in the future.

He can probably safeguard his relationship with Monica if he can avoid Avery’s love for him and John’s battle to defend the Duttons’ ranch.

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