Xo Kitty: Is Sang Heon Lee Gay or Does He Have A Girlfriend?

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Is Sang Heon Lee Gay, or Does He Have A Girlfriend? With the release of XO, Kitty, a spinoff series of To All the Boys, emerging actor Sang made his debut.

Those who have been impatiently awaiting the release of the Netflix romcom XO, Kitty.

It is also the spinoff series of the All the Boys film franchise that can now finally prepare the popcorn for a weekend binge-a-thon since it has been finally released.

The new show, which premiered on May 18, 2023, continues the existing series.

It tells the fascinating story of Kitty Covey (portrayed by Anna Cathcart) traveling halfway across the world to meet up with her long-term lover in Korea.

One name is an emerging star among its youthful ensemble cast: Daniel Sang Heon Lee, the talented Korean-born but Hong Kong-raised actor who has been making headlines with his acting debut.

Naturally, his first debut and prominence have been generating a lot of rumors about him, and people ask who is girlfriend of Sang Heon Lee and if he is gay.

Without any further ado, stick with us till the very end, as we will unveil more about the aspiring actor’s love life and sexuality.

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Xo Kitty: Is Sang Heon Lee Gay?

Following Sang Heon’s first-ever on-screen debut, he has recently created a sensation and has caught the attention of many viewers.

Hence, people have shown a keen interest in his personal life, and his search is Sang Heon Lee gay.

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However, no evidence on the internet suggests Sang Heon Lee gay.

It is not uncommon for Korean or Asian actors to be targeted by these rumors since they have slightly different features than what a masculine guy is supposed to look like.

Hence, judging by their appearances, the public target Korean actors and spread rumors of them being gay.  

Actor Sang Heon Lee (Source: Instagram)

The aspiring actor himself hasn’t shared anything about his sexuality.

Unless he confirms or speaks anything about his sexuality, it will be wrong to spread rumors about him being gay.

It is essential to respect one’s personal sexual orientation and gender and not to invade one’s privacy. Despite his sexuality, Sang Heon Lee is a great and prolific actor with a promising future. 

He has been passionate about acting since a young age. After years of hard work, Lee is living the life of his dreams.

After completing Korea’s compulsory military training, Sang pursued modeling before giving his first audition and acting role.

The actor says acting was always on the plan: “I took this passion more seriously though after my studies.”

Does Sang Heon Lee Have A Girlfriend?

Actor Sang Heon Lee looks amazing on-screen, is hardworking, and is highly passionate about the things he loves.

He is also a great co-actor, respecting everybody on sets and since Lee has all the qualities that could charm any lady, many ask, “Does Sang Heon Lee have a girlfriend?”

Although the aspiring acting personality’s professional life is an open book.

Sadly, the same can’t be mentioned about his personal life, as he has successfully concealed his romantic relationships from the public eye.

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Sang Heon Lee has shared bits and pieces of his personal life on Instagram, but it doesn’t seem like he has disclosed anything about his dating life.

Sang Heon Lee GaySang Heon Lee With The Cast Members Of XO, Kitty. (Source: Instagram)

Hence, it is unknown if the actor is currently single or not. Hopefully, we will meet Sang Heon Lee’s girlfriend soon.

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