Woody Allen Hair: What Happened To His Eye? How Many Wives Does He Have?

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Woody Allen is concerned about his baldness and receding hairline. Allen is sure that hair loss puts people into the miserable section.

Woody Allen is an American writer, director, comedian, and actor. He is into the media field for several decades.

The works of the acclaimed writer have been honored at numerous illustrious award ceremonies, including the Grammy Awards, British Academy Film Award, Golden Globe Award, and Writers Guild of America Award.

Woody Allen Hair: Is It Natural?

Woody Allen had red hair, and because of his hair color, he was often called a redhead by his friends in school. Now the hair’s all grey and thin. In his early sixties, he started losing his hair.

Woody Allen with Diane Keaton while shooting Annie Hall (Source-The One Movie Blog)

The artist had a viral movie Annie Hall where he acted. He talks about hair loss in that movie. Allan’s famous line from Annie Hall is that life is divided into two categories—the horrible and the miserable.

The horrible category includes incurable conditions, such as blindness, terminal sickness, and male pattern baldness. Hair loss puts you in the miserable section, along with everyone else. The rest of us are just sad, as told by Allen.

Woody Allen directed Jesse Eisenberg in his recent film Cafe’s Society. Jessie has been vocal about his OCD and anxiety issues. 

This can trigger hair loss. It’s not Allen whose hair is deteriorating because of illness.

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Eisenberg has been quoted as saying that Woody Allen has been an inspiration to him creatively. One of the movies for which he is best known is To Rome With Love, in which he played the lead part that Allen might have once played himself.

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What Happened To Woody Allen Eye?

The alleged pedophile director’s eyesight has been noticed to be deteriorating. He always had those big size thick glasses on. But now, his vision has furthermore worsened.

Woody Allen has worn oversized, square-framed glasses with horn rims for over 50 years. Due to his impaired vision, they are not only a necessary accessory for him but have also contributed to his persona.

Allen’s glasses are so well-known that Penelope Cruz preserves a pair he gave her after Vicky Cristina Barcelona was filmed as a memento.

Along with the eyesight, the 4 time Oscar winner’s hearing is also declining. This might be why he is slowing down on releasing his new movies.

In the controversial director’s latest interview, his movie Wasp 22 will be his final film, but Allen can’t wait to focus more on the writing part.

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How Many Wives Does Woody Allen Have?

Woody Allen has three wives. He divorced two and is still married to one. In 1956, the director married Harlene Susan Rosen and divorced her in 1962.

When Allen proposed to Rosen in 1955, he was 19 years old. The following year, they were married. In his jazz band, she had played the piano.

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His second wife was actress Louise Marie Lasser. The marriage only lasted four years. They divorced in 1970.

In December 1997, he married his present wife, Soon-Yi Previn. The ceremony was held in Venice, Italy. Because of their age difference, their marriage caused quite a stir.

Allen with his wife Soon-Yi PrevinAllen with his wife Soon-Yi Previn (Source-Rolling Stone)

The groom was 62 years old, while the bride was only 27 years old at the time of the marriage. The marriage created quite a lot of scandal.

Scandal With Mia Farrow

Soon-Yi Previn is the adopted daughter of Allen’s former girlfriend, Mia Farrow, whom he had dated for 12 years.

Despite not being married, Woody Allen and Mia Farrow shared joint custody of Moses, Dylan, and Ronan. In 1987, while those two were in a relationship, they had Ronan. Ronan is the only biological daughter of the actor, Mia Farrow.

But after Mia Farrow knew Woody’s relationship with her adopted daughter, their relationship was over.

Mia confesses in her memoir that she did indeed beat Soon-Yi once she found out about the affair. Soon-Yi Previn’s father discontinued tuition fees, but Woody later paid for it. Currently estranged, Mia and Soon-Yi haven’t communicated since the incident broke.

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