Why Was Patrick Mahomes Mad? Reaction To Referee After Loss

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Why was Patrick Mahomes mad? This article explores the reasons behind Mahomes’ anger and his subsequent explanation.

Patrick Mahomes, the star quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, is known for his cool demeanor and exceptional play on the field.

However, during a recent game against the Buffalo Bills, in which they suffered a 20-17 loss, Mahomes was seen visibly frustrated and blasted refs after the game over an offside call.

The player’s reaction surprised many and has been the talk of the town. Read on to learn more about the recent incident below.

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Why Was Patrick Mahomes Mad?

The recent game against the Buffalo Bills was a tough one for the Kansas City Chiefs.

The team’s performance was not up to their usual standards, which was frustrating for all the players.

The Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes was upset after a controversial offside call. (Image Source: Clutch Points)

However, Mahomes’ anger was particularly noticeable. He was seen being restrained on the sideline at the end of the game, a clear sign of his frustration.

The main trigger for his anger was a call on Toney, a decision by the referee that Mahomes disagreed with.

Mahomes was noticeably upset and shouting from the sidelines after the ball was handed over on downs and the Bills used up the remaining time. His frustration was still evident during the press conference.

Andy Reid, while not as visibly angry as Mahomes was right after the call, also expressed his dissatisfaction with the officials.

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Andy was unhappy that the officials did not alert Kadarius Toney that he was lined up offsides as they usually do.

Reid stated that the situation was somewhat humiliating for the National Football League, as reported by Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Patrick Mahomes Explained What Made Him So Angry

After the game, Mahomes took the time to clarify the reasons behind his visible frustration.

He explained that his anger was not about whether it was offsides or not, but rather about the typical protocol when it comes to offensive offsides.

The quarterback acknowledged that Toney was close to the line and slightly over, but his main concern was the usual protocol for offensive offsides.

Mahomes expressed his disappointment with the call, stating, “It’s just the call, man, in that moment.”

Why Was Patrick Mahomes MadPatrick Mahomes later explained what was frustrating for him. (Image Source: Democrat And Chronicle)

Patrick further added, “I’ve played in the NFL for seven years and never had offensive offsides called.” “Do you want to make a call like that with just a minute remaining? Let us play the game.”

In addition, the Kansas City Chiefs player highlighted the effort everyone puts into the game and how a flag can change the outcome.

Patrick Mahomes Wants Game To Be Decided On Field

Mahomes also revealed his desire for the game to be decided on the field, not by a flag.

The athlete went on to acknowledge that referees are human and can make mistakes but expressed frustration that there seems to be a controversial call every week.

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Despite the disappointment, Mahomes affirmed his commitment to giving his all in every game, even though the ending of this particular game was tough to accept.

This incident served as a reminder that even the most composed players can get heated in the face of perceived injustice.

Despite the loss and the controversy, Patrick Mahomes continues to be one of the most respected players in the NFL, admired for his skill, leadership, and usually, his composure.

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