Why is DJ Akademiks arrested? Details of allegations unfolded

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DJ Akademiks, a prominent figure, has faced serious accusations of sexual assault from his ex-girlfriend, Ziya Abashae. The incident surfaced during an Instagram Live session where Abashae claimed that Akademiks and two of his friends were involved in the assault. Despite Akademiks dismissing her claims and asserting that she willingly participated in an orgy with his friends, Abashae refuted these statements during a confrontation, suggesting that he attempted to exonerate himself after the assault by involving her in a fabricated story.

Moreover, another allegation emerged from a woman who asserted that Akademiks communicated with her until she turned 18 before attempting to engage in sexual activity with her.

Allegedly akademiks is linking & flying out underage girls & keeping in contact with girls to turn 18 to have sex with. This is a new story & their are multiple girls coming out about him making them drink to the point their unconscious & unresponsive so he can assault them pic.twitter.com/anE2QiChln

β€” NATE (@NATERERUN) December 31, 2023

Additionally, a video circulated showing a woman’s distressing screams in the background during one of his livestreams.

#djakademiks catches his girlfriend smashing his friends in his house 🀯 pic.twitter.com/CoC6m68Bjg

β€” hoodzonetv (@hoodzonetvn) December 30, 2023

In a separate conversation, seemingly on the Off The Record podcast, DJ Akademiks discussed various topics, including his complicated relationship with women. He made allegations against his girlfriend, claiming she stole $500K from him, alongside accusations of assault, although these remain unverified. He also shared an account involving a girl he was associated with, stating she engaged in a sexual encounter with his friends while he was intoxicated.

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Furthermore, a video surfaced on social media featuring a woman claiming to be the subject of Akademiks’ story, vehemently refuting his version of events. She accused Akademiks of sexual assault, revealing that a rape kit was conducted.

Amid these allegations, additional claims emerged online, suggesting that the former Everyday Struggle host might have groomed underage girls. However, these remain as unverified allegations comprising DMs and testimonies. Additionally, there were mentions of a clip wherein a woman’s distressed screams were allegedly heard during one of his livestreams, yet the authenticity of this clip remains unconfirmed.

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