Why is Derek Lewitton arrested in South Africa?

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Renowned for his commitment to rhino conservation, Derek Lewitton faces arrest following the discovery of multiple rhino carcasses stripped of horns on his South African property. Lewitton, an advocate for legalizing the rhino horn trade to support conservation efforts, now confronts charges linked to illegal horn trading.

The unexpected turn of events has triggered a discourse within the conservation community, spotlighting the intricate challenges of wildlife preservation and the nuanced relationship between conservation approaches and legal frameworks.

Accompanied by two employees, Lewitton appeared in court facing charges under the National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act, in addition to charges of illegal firearm and ammunition possession. Denied bail, they remain in custody awaiting their next court appearance in January 2024.

Derek Lewitton, an American conservationist, notably engaged in rhino conservation in South Africa through Black Rock Rhino Conservation. Advocating for legalizing the rhino horn trade, Lewitton believed it could aid species preservation by redirecting funds into conservation efforts.

AMERICAN RHINO POACHER ARRESTED IN SA.Derek Lewitton has been described as the most cruel rhino poacher after 26 rhino carcasses and 17 horns were found at his farm in Limpopo. It is believed that he has killed more than 50 rhinos, some belonging to neighbouring farms. pic.twitter.com/cpZjAsWZgf

— Dudula News (@DudulaMedia) December 28, 2023

However, Lewitton’s arrest has intensified the debate within the conservation community, exposing the intricate balance between conservation ideologies and legal frameworks. His contentious stance on legalizing the rhino horn trade had sparked a divided response, contributing to the ongoing dialogue on wildlife preservation and the challenges of safeguarding endangered species such as rhinos.

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