Why Did Connor Sturgeon Get Fired From Bank? Salary And Net Worth

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Connor Sturgeon, an employee of Old National Bank, who attacked his same workplace, was about to get fired from his job. Let’s find out why did Connor Sturgeon get fired through this article.

Five persons were killed in a terrible mass shooting at the Old National Bank located in Louisville, Kentucky. Around 8:30 am on Monday, April 10, 2023, bank employee Connor Sturgeon started shooting in an inhumane manner.

The shooting was even live-streamed on Instagram, and it sparked a lot of public interest. The victims were between the ages of 40 and 64.

A rookie cop who had only joined the department two weeks earlier was also one of the nine injured victims. Despite having brain surgery, the police officer’s health remained critical.

Moreover, the cops and police officials showed up three minutes later at the scene. While engaging with authorities, the attacker was killed by gunfire.

After this following incident, people want to know why Connor initiated the mass shooting at the same bank where he was working.

Additionally, the shooter was also about to get fired from his job before the shooting took place. Hence, let’s get to know more about this incident alongside the attacker’s salary and net worth via this article.

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Why Did Connor Sturgeon Get Fired From Bank?

A 25-year-old bank employee in Louisville realized that he was going to be fired from the job and penned a note to loved ones before reporting to his work on April 10, 2023, and opening fire – killing almost 5 people and seriously injuring eight others, as per a law enforcement source connected with the investigation.

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According to investigators, the shooter, identified as Connor Sturgeon, began his attack at the Old National Bank located downtown at about 8:30 a.m.

He started shooting as some staff gathered for a morning meeting prior to the bank’s public opening. Manager at the bank Rebecca Buchheit-Sims told CNN she practically observed the meeting and saw her coworkers being killed.

 Police officials showed up three minutes later at the shooting scene. (Source: CNN)

Furthermore, the manager described Connor as “very intelligent,” and others who knew him personally were heartbroken to see the violence.

But previous writings by the shooter suggest that he had trouble blending in before he joined the group at Old National Bank and was about to be fired when he stormed the building with a firearm.

A law enforcement source close to the inquiry stated that Sturgeon had been employed at the bank for more than a year. However, the exact reason why he got fired from the bank remains a mystery.

Connor Sturgeon Salary And Net Worth: Wrote A Note Before Mass Shooting

Since the bank employed Connor Sturgeon, his earnings may have allowed him to maintain a significant net worth. The amount he made, however, cannot be revealed because none of the reputable sites have done so.

Reportedly, a bank employee earns an average yearly pay of $46,543. Connor had been employed for a considerable amount of time and had reportedly received above-average compensation for his efforts.

Why Did Connor Sturgeon Get FiredConnor Sturgeon was making good money while working at the bank. (Source: New York Post)

Furthermore, glancing at his Linkedin profile highlights his talent as he served on the board of Young Professionals Junior Achievement of Kentuckiana.

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The law enforcement source claimed that Sturgeon informed his parents and a buddy in a note that he intended to shoot up the bank.

According to the insider, it is unclear whether the note was viewed before or after the incident, whether it was written on paper or sent over email, or both.

According to Sturgeon’s LinkedIn profile, he worked as an intern at Louisville’s Old National Bank for three continuous summers between 2018 and 2020, prior to starting a full-time position there in June 2021.

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