Who Was Solomona Tootoo? 45-Years-Old Auckland CBD Shooting Victim Death And Obituary

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This article gives insights into Solomona Tootoo Auckland CBD shooting victim, obituary and death details.  

Solomona Tootoo was a Manurewa resident killed in a recent shooting this week in Auckland.

The death of Solomona devastated the Tootoo family, and now they had to deal with the horrible loss of their beloved one.

Nobody enjoys losing someone they care about since the grief that comes with it is painful for everyone and can leave rifts in families that last a lifetime.

The horrific and totally unexpected event took the life of the Manurewa citizen. As a result, his family finds it hard to believe the news. Likewise, the facts surrounding Solomona’s terrible demise confound some people.

Solomona’s departure has been mourned by the entire state of Auckland owing to his invaluable services to his community as a valuable member of the community.

One of Pennsylvania’s most active residents, Solomona, was a productivity model. As a result, his passing devastated the entire community.

Solomona Tootoo Auckland CBD Shooting: 45-Years-Old Auckland CBD Shooting Victim Death

According to Detective Superintendent Ross McKay, Solomona Tootoo has been officially identified by the police as one of the gunshot victims in Auckland.

The formal identification processes were completed, and the police could identify him along with the other victim, Tupuga Sipiliano, in front of the general public.

Tootoo was a 45-year-old resident of Manurewa who was a worker at the same construction site. Meanwhile, Sipiliano was a 44 resident from Wattle Downs who also worked for the same construction site.

Photo of Tupuga Sipiliano, one of the other victims of the shooting in Auckland, alongside Solomona Tootoo. (Source: NZ Herald)

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A police official said they extended their sincere condolences to the families who are mourning the loss of their loved ones.

On Thursday morning, the gunman, 24-year-old Matu Tangi Matua Reid, along with the two males, perished at a construction site.

Ten individuals were hurt in the shooting, including a police officer facing protracted rehabilitation after being gravely injured.

Detective Superintendent Ross McKay said on Saturday that four people, including the officer, are still in the hospital.

Gunshots could be heard from the 21-story building site on the corner of Quay and Queen Streets as the event started to occur soon before 7 am on Thursday.

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Today, the murder scene at the high-rise, downtown Auckland construction site where Matu Reid killed two employees with a shotgun before dying in a shootout with police will remain roped off.

The two individuals Reid killed, according to the police, were the shooter’s friends. Detective Superintendent Ross McKay reported on Saturday that the crime scene investigation was ongoing.

Police are also looking into how Matu Reid, the shooter, obtained the pump action shotgun used in the attack.

Solomona Tootoo Obituary Details: The Manurewa Resident Final Rites

Solomona Tootoo was killed in an Auckland CBD Shooting on Thursday, July 20, 2023. However, the victim’s final rites and obituary details have not been disclosed to the public yet. 

According to police reports, investigations at the scene are ongoing as the incident’s consequences play out in Downtown Auckland.

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Forensic investigators are meticulously examining the area to reconstruct the timeline of events and understand the conditions leading up to the disaster.

Solomona Tootoo Auckland CBD ShootingPolice were on duty Thursday at the scene of a fatal shooting of Solomona Tootoo at a construction site in Auckland. (Source: Stuff)

Today’s crime scene remains sealed off at the high-rise construction site in downtown Auckland where Matu Reid carried out the fatal shooting that claimed the lives of two workers.

At the time of the tragic event, the 21-level One Queen St. skyscraper downtown was undergoing renovations and improvements. It was expected to be finished early the following year.

Since the investigations are still ongoing and the families of the victims are coping with the terrible loss, the obituary news might take some time to surface online. 

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