Who Was Linda Carman, Nathan Carman Mother? Meet Her Husband Earle Clark Carman

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Linda Carman is Nathan Carman mother, who died in 2016, and her son was accused of murdering her. Now, as Nathan died in jail, the news has spread.

According to federal authorities, Nathan, who was accused of killing his mother during a fishing trip off the New England coast in 2016, has died while awaiting trial.

The prosecutors alleged that Carman devised a scheme to inherit millions of dollars through his mother’s death.

The 29-year-old from Vermont had pleaded not guilty to charges of fraud and first-degree murder in relation to his mother, Linda, from Middletown, Connecticut.

The exact cause of Nathan Carman’s death remains unclear. His lawyer, Martin Minnella, learned about the news and expressed shock and sadness.

Carman was in good spirits during their recent conversation, and they were preparing for the trial, which was scheduled for October.

The defense team believed they had a strong case and were confident of victory. Let’s learn more about what happened with Linda in 2016 and about her husband.

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Who Was Linda Carman, Nathan Carman Mother?

Linda Carman was the mother of the recently dead Nathan Carman. Linda tragically lost her life during a fishing trip with her son in 2016 off the coast of Rhode Island.

The shocking development of this case occurred today when it was revealed that Nathan, who was accused of her murder, has now passed away while in prison.

Nathan had pleaded not guilty to charges of fraud and murder. Following his demise, the charges against him have been dismissed, as reported by U.S. Marshals.

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Nathan Carman, accused of murdering his mother Linda Carman has died in prison (Source: Hartford Courant)

The prosecutors had alleged that Nathan orchestrated a scenario where their boat sank, resulting in the disappearance of Linda Carman.

According to them, the 7-year-old ill-fated fishing trip was planned by Nathan to kill his mother.

While Nathan Carman was eventually found alive after eight days at sea, floating on an inflatable raft, Linda Carman was never located.

Prosecutors maintain that Nathan Carman manipulated the boat called Chicken Pox to increase the chances of it sinking, although he strongly denies the accusations.

Linda Carman: Meet Her Husband Earle Clark Carman

The husband of Linda and the father of Nathan, Earle Clark Carman has been pivotal in this death case of his wife.

While the court people and other relatives of theirs have given the statement that Nathan is too dangerous to be released, Earle had been supporting him.

Additionally, the indictment against Nathan Carman included allegations that he shot and killed his wealthy grandfather, John Chakalos, in 2013.

Nathan Carman motherLinda Carman was the wife of Earle Clark Carman, who does not believe that their son murdered Linda (Source: New York Magazine)

Nathan is accused that he shot John at his home in Windsor, Connecticut; however, his father, Earle also does not believe this blame against his son.

He refuted the allegations made by the aunts against Nathan and asserted that their accusations stem from a personal vendetta.

According to Earle, the aunts hold a grudge against him simply because he was the eldest son of a Greek family.

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He further added that his wife, Linda Carman ensured that their son received various services, although Nathan didn’t always show enthusiasm for the assistance.

Clark Carman portrayed his son as a responsible individual without any persistent mental health problems.

He even flew from California to be with Nathan once he learned that his son had been rescued in 2016.

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