Who Is Kamal Thomas? Jamie Cail Boyfriend Arrested And Accused Of Killing James Cockayn

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Kamal Thomas is recognized as the boyfriend of a late swimmer, Jamie Cail, who was found dead on the floor at her Virgin Islands home. Thomas is reportedly a bad boy and is accused of a tourist’s 2007 beating death. 

Jamie Cail was found dead at her boyfriend’s home in St John on February 21, 2023. She was a former swimmer who was survived by her partner, whose name was recently disclosed by the investigation teams. 

So, Komal Thomas was the concerned topic back then, and people were captivated to know his name as the late swimmer was found dead by him. 

Komal is 34 years old and has a criminal record of beating to death a tourist named James Cockayne, 21, on St John Island. 

Due to his past, Thomas is reported to be the bad guy. Similarly, he fought against his charges in court after his initial conviction was quashed. 

Who Is Kamal Thomas?

Kamal Thomas is famously known as the boyfriend of late swimmer Jamie Cail. According to sources, Komal has been the most concerned topic since he was jailed for ten years after a violent brawl in 2007.

Thomas is not supposed to be a good guy due to his past, and his name has also been linked with the ex-swimmer death, who was found deceased in their residence. 

Kamal spent many years battling against the severe charges after Kamal and three other men attacked James Cockayne hours before his death. 

Kamal Thomas, the boyfriend of late swimmer Jamie Cail. (Source: Daily Mail)

Currently, he is known as the boyfriend of the late swimming star, Cail, and his name has been recently shared after people demanded him to share his identity in the media sources. 

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So, with the name of Cail’s mysterious boyfriend, Thomas’s dark past has also come out, and people are amazed to know about it. 

Thomas had Cail may have dated for some years, but they didn’t reveal much of their dating life with the media. Initially, the identity of Cail’s boyfriend wasn’t exposed as soon as she was found dead. 

Jamie Cail Boyfriend Kamal Thomas Arrested

As we all know, Jamie Cail’s boyfriend, Kamal Thomas, was accused of beating the death of a Pennsylvania man. Thomas is a native of Georgia and a longtime St. John Bad Boy. 

According to the V.I. Daily News, Kamal was sentenced to ten years in jail, with two years suspended. Likewise, he was also fined $11,750 for all of the charges. 

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Kalam Thomas Accused of Killing James Cockayn

Kamal Thomas, aka Sick Pack, was in a relationship with Jamie Cail. Kamal’s girlfriend was found dead by him last week.

According to online sources, they discovered Cail at home after returning from the pub. Kamal spent years fighting against the serious charges after he and three other males attacked James Cockayne, 21, hours before his death.

Cockayne’s mother also talked with DailyMail, saying that Kamal was bad to the bone. Thomas was accused of attacking Cockayne, a tourist on the island, in 2007.

Kamal Thomas Kamal Thomas was accused of killing James Cockayn. (Source: Daily Mail)

Initially, he was convicted of two counts of third-degree assault and associated weapons charges. However, his conviction was quashed in 2008 after it was announced that prosecutors failed to turn over essential evidence for the trial.

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After that, Kamal was condemned for third-degree assault, simple assault, weapons charges and terrorizing a witness. So, he was sentenced to ten years in jail with two years suspended. Also, Kamal was fined $11,750 for all the charges.

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