Who Is Julie Cordova, Sabrina Limon Sister? Family Background

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Julie Cordova is Sabrina Limon sister. The court has recently confirmed Sabrina Limon guilty of murder and sentenced her to life imprisonment.

An appeals court upheld Sabrina Limon’s life sentence on Monday. She is convicted of first-degree murder, conspiracy, and soliciting murder.

Even though Limon’s defence team argued that there was prosecutorial misconduct and a lack of evidence, their arguments were not accepted.

Limon’s defence also claimed that jurors were exposed to excessive media coverage and that her accomplice’s testimony was not corroborated.

Limon’s case gained national media attention for using biblical verses to justify murder during her 2017 trial.

She was the talk of the town for the scandalous details of her love triangle and plans to poison the victim. Keep reading to learn more.

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Who Is Julie Cordova, Sabrina Limon Sister?

Julie Cordova is Sabrina Limon’s sister. She is taking care of Limon’s children and was present at the court.

Sabrina Limon’s sister, Julie Cordova, was seen under high tension, but it’s unclear what caused a conflict in the hallway.

Lydia Marrero, Robert Limon’s sister, urged Cordova to come together and be there for the children since they have both Sabrina’s and Robert’s families.

After speaking with Sabrina’s family, her lawyer, Sharon Marshall, praised Judge Brownlee’s words as “majestic.”

Sabrina Limon’s sister, Julie Cordova, who is taking care of Limon’s children, was present at the court (Source: YouTube)

Marshall stated that in situations where there are problems with the parents, the children’s well-being should be the main concern.

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Before delivering Sabrina Limon’s sentence, Judge John Brownlee acknowledged that no one truly wins in this case.

Although Robert Limon’s family feels justice was served, the fate of Limon’s children, Robbie and Leanna, is uncertain.

Judge Brownlee noted that the children, who had no say in the matter, would also be affected by the case’s outcome.

He expressed concern for the two children with no parents at home. Before issuing Sabrina Limon’s sentence, Judge Brownlee requested both families.

However, Robert Limon’s family claims that Sabrina Limon’s family has not made any efforts to collaborate with them to help the Limon children.

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More On Julie Cordova: Family Background

There is not much known about Julie Cordova’s family background. It has come to light that she is looking after her sister’s two children.

Julie’s sister Sabrina Limon is a convicted murderer recently sentenced to life imprisonment for scandalously killing her husband, Robert Limon, in 2017.

The trial included Sabrina’s swinging lifestyle, allegations of an arsenic-laced banana pudding, and the use of biblical passages to justify the murder.

Sabrina’s accomplice and lover, Jonathan Hearn, accepted a plea deal to testify against her.

Hearn admitted to killing Robert at a Tehachapi rail yard in 2014 after planning the murder with Sabrina.

Sabrina Limon was recently sentenced to life in prison for the scandalous murder of her husband, Robert Limon, in 2017Sabrina Limon is sentenced to life in prison for the scandalous murder of her husband, Robert Limon, in 2017 (Source: CBS News)

ABC News’ “20/20,” a true-crime mystery show, will air an episode about the Sabrina Limon case, which garnered national attention due to the wrongdoing details.

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The episode, titled “Unholy Matrimony,” takes a deeper look into the human and psychological aspects of the case.

The show’s senior producer, Joseph Rhee, revealed that they filmed in Mohave, Arizona, where Robert Limon attended high school.

He spoke to his football coach, Don Morse, who shared stories about how Robert sold burritos to railroad workers to earn extra money.

The episode also features interviews with people close to Sabrina and Robert Limon, Jonathan Hearn’s childhood friend, attorneys, and Kern County sheriff’s deputies who worked on the case.

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