Who Is Gloria Satterfield Son Michael Tony Satterfield? Autopsy Reports And Obituary

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Gloria Satterfield son has spoken against the Murdaugh family, and he wants his mother’s body exhumed to rule out ‘foul play.’

Netflix’s latest documentary, Murdaugh Murders, has focused on everyone’s death in the Murdaugh family, along with their housekeeper, Gloria. 

Satterfield reportedly tripped, fell on the Murdaugh estate, and died in hospital in 2018. 

The housekeeper was close with Alex Murdaugh’s second son Paul Murdaugh who was shot along with his mother. 

Miss Gloria was the second mother to Paul, and they had a great bond as the housekeeper worked for them for more than 20 years until her death. 

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Who Is Gloria Satterfield Son, Michael Tony Satterfield?

Michael Tony Satterfield, Gloria’s son, sought justice for his mother following her death in 2020.

Satterfield’s family has alleged that her employer, Alex, withheld her wages and failed to report the incident to authorities or workers’ compensation.

They have also been accused of tampering with evidence related to Satterfield’s death.

Gloria was the mother of two; Tony is one of her sons who has constantly been fighting for Gloria’s justice. 

It was reported that the housekeeper fell down the stairs, but her family did not believe it was an accident. 

Tony has requested the exhumation of his mother’s body to conclusively determine whether foul play was involved in her death in 2018.

Gloria Satterfield’s death was initially ruled as natural, but a coroner later admitted that it was inconsistent with injuries sustained in a trip and fall.

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The only witnesses to her death were Maggie Murdaugh and her son Paul, who was killed by her husband, Alex. 

Gloria Satterfield was a widow and was the mother of two at her death. (Image Source: The Cinemaholic)

He expressed feeling “betrayed” and “shocked” that Murdaugh collected millions in insurance payouts without giving any compensation to his mother’s three children.

Additionally, it has been believed that Gloria learned about Alex’s drug addiction, and she told about it Alex’s son Paul. 

So, it is believed that Alex’s killed her to know the truth about him, not only about drugs; Gloria might have learned more about the family. 

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Gloria Satterfield Autopsy Reports And Obituary

The cause of Gloria Satterfield’s death was initially ruled as natural, but later, it was determined that it was inconsistent with injuries sustained in a trip and fall.

However, no medical examination and no autopsy were performed. Recently, Gloria’s family has requested the exhumation of her body to conduct extra investigations to determine whether her death was accidental.

The exhumation was supposed to occur in June 2022 but did not happen, and no reports were out.

The specific request made by the coroner to the SLED Chief KeelThe specific request made by the coroner to the SLED Chief Keel. (Image Source: Twitter)

Hopefully, the truth behind the housekeeper’s death might be revealed after the exhumation process starts. 

Before it got revealed that Alex killed his wife and son, Gloria’s family believed it was a natural death. 

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But, after the truth behind the murder was out, they were curious to learn more about the truth behind Gloria’s death. 

It is unclear from the information available how an automobile accident is related to Gloria Satterfield’s death.

But, some have speculated that internal injuries from a previous automobile accident may have contributed to her death.

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