Who Is Dr Colin Manock Wife Morgan Gabrielle Jaya Cox? Forensic Pathologist Wikipedia And Age

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Morgan Gabrielle Jaya Cox is the disgraced state chief forensic pathologist Dr. Colin Manock wife. The pathologist has been known for working without necessary training and expertise for his job for nearly three decades.

Forensic Pathologist Dr. Colin Manock’s duty was to determine how people died and any related consequences, such as grieving over an awful accident or criminal prosecution.

Dr. Colin Manock oversaw the forensic pathology services in South Australia for nearly three decades. He was a crucial player in the state’s criminal justice system in unexpected or unexplained death situations.

But later, it was confirmed that he was not even qualified for the job he was doing. During his three-decade career, the forensic pathologist performed thousands of autopsies and gave expert testimony.

On 8 February, Under Investigation with Liz Hayes show investigated the case of Dr. Colin Manock. Since then, there has been a surging curiosity about the disgraced forensic pathologist’s life.

Who Is Dr. Colin Manock Wife, Morgan Gabrielle Jaya Cox?

Morgan Gabrielle Jaya Cox is the wife of the disgraced state chief forensic pathologist Dr. Colin Manock. Morgan Gabrielle Jaya Cox is also known as Misstress Gabrielle.

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Dr. Colin Manock’s spouse was a dominatrix. She was found guilty of severely beating a woman. The 46-year-old brutally attacked “Dragon Princess” Tracie Latham during a heated argument in Adelaide in July 2016.

Morgan Gabrielle Jaya Cox is married to Dr. Colin Manock. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

Ms. Cox was found guilty of one count of assault at Adelaide Magistrate Court in July 2018. The fight broke out when Ms. Latham, the event organizer, informed Ms. Cox that she was prohibited from taking pictures or videos inside the Queen’s Theatre.

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Ms. Cox allegedly told Ms. Latham, “You have no right to speak to me. I am a mistress, and you are just a slave. “Yes, you’re correct, although I’m a slave to my spouse but not your slave,” Ms. Latham replied.

According to Daily Mail, Magistrate Brett Dixon stated during the hearing at Adelaide Magistrates Court that the woman had no good reason for her acts.

Dr. Colin Manock’s wife told Adelaide she would appeal the ruling because she felt she had been “targeted because of who (her) spouse is.” Cox also claimed she was targeted because she is “pretty, young, and a dominatrix.

Dr. Colin Manock Wikipedia And Age

Dr. Colin Manock is the disgraced former chief forensic pathologist from South Australia. Author and Journalist Drew Rooke’s book “A Witness of Fact” has trawled back through the peculiar case of the pathologist.

According to Drew, Manock was responsible for South Australia’s forensic pathology services and was crucial to the state’s criminal justice system.

He was responsible for ascertaining the time of a person’s death and whether they had died naturally or due to something more sinister in cases of unexpected or unexplained death.

Throughout his lengthy career, he conducted over 10,000 autopsies and provided expert scientific testimony in court, resulting in about 400 criminal convictions.

Colin Manock netColin Manock before his retirement. (Source: ABC)

But the self-described witness of fact lacked the expertise required for such a senior, professional position. He committed grave mistakes in several high-profile cases, with terrible consequences, including the wrongful imprisonment of innocent persons.

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More than 25 years after he retired. The extent of his misconduct and the precise number of cases it affects are still unknown because those in authority continue to ignore pleas to conduct an official investigation into his career.

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