Who Is Brenda Kelly, Jonathan Crews Girlfriend? Wikipedia And Age

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Jonathan Crews Girlfriend, Brenda Kelly garnered a substantial amount of attention after an NBC “Dateline” episode explored whether he killed himself or his then-girlfriend was responsible for his death.

Jonathan Crews was a 27-year-old director of an urgent care facility from Coppell, Texas, who suspiciously passed away in his Texas apartment.

His family decided to investigate on their own to find out more as a result. On his bed, he was discovered to be dead from a gunshot wound.

In a civil trial, a Dallas County jury found that Brenda Kelly, his ex-girlfriend, was most likely to blame for his demise.

In the N.B.C. Dateline episode Behind Door 813, important people about Jonathan Crews’ death are exclusively interviewed.

Now, via this article, let’s get to know more about Jonathan Crews’ girlfriend, Brenda Kelly, her age and personal details, and find out how she was involved in his death.

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Who Is Brenda Kelly, Jonathan Crews Girlfriend?

When laying in bed at his Coppell apartment, Jonathan Crews was shot. The only person who is aware of who fired the shot is Brenda Lazaro, his then-girlfriend.

After Crews’ death, fans have been searching and wanting to know about his girlfriend and find out what she is doing in recent years.

Jonathan Crews’ then-girlfriend, Brenda Lazaro is now happily married and she goes by the name Brenda Kelly. Her in-laws and husband joined her in the courtroom Wednesday.

Kelly was with Jonathan the night he died, and she stated to police that he fatally shot himself as a means to prove that he really loved her, however, his family doesn’t agree with the fact that his death was a suicide and claims that Kelly fired the shot.

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Jonathan Crews’ then-girlfriend, testified herself in a civil trial in 2022. (Source: Axios Dallas) 

Furthermore, Jonathan’s dead body was found in his bed and his mobile was found in damaged condition between the box spring of the bed and the mattress, as per evidence submitted at the trial.

In the widely reported civil case brought by the family of Jonathan Crews against his ex-girlfriend Brenda Lazaro, a jury began hearing testimony.

In their civil lawsuit, the Crews family alleged that Kelly killed Jonathan Crews after he tried to stop things with her because she was jealous of his friendships with other women.

Police found Crews’ broken phone hidden between his mattress and bed frame. When the gun’s filthy magazine was found concealed among his collection of ties, his family found it odd.

Kelly reportedly gave several accounts of the incident, including the spot where Crews was shot and the area of his apartment where she was at the time, according to the evidence.

Additionally, during the civil trial, Brenda didn’t say much and she has also not been charged with any criminal offense.

After the case closed, Kelly stayed away from the media limelight and she is leading a private life with her family and in-laws.

Apart from that, it is unknown what Jonathan Crews’ ex-girlfriend has been involved in the recent days. It seems that she has moved on with her life after Jonathan’s death.

Brenda Kelly Wikipedia And Age

Many people have also shown a keen interest in Brenda Kelly’s birth details and Wikipedia whereabouts. However, since we don’t have the information regarding Kelly’s exact birth date, it is hard for us to trace her age.

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Furthermore, Brenda is yet to be featured on the Wikipedia page. Since she is not a renowned personality and has gained attention for good deeds, she has not been acknowledged worldwide.

 Jonathan Crews GirlfriendBrenda Kelly doesn’t have a Wikipedia page yet. (Source: The Dallas Morning News)

Nonetheless, Brenda is now leading her own personal life and is avoiding media attention as much as possible.

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